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We are falling into fall. The cold, the rain, the grey, the dark, the falling leaves. The fields are all stripped and plowed; haybales dot the hills. Geese and swans are flying fast; it's coming. Because we had nearly no summer, it feels as if it's been fall for some time. It's not that I'm ready, exactly, but resigned, at least.

Yesterday was the annual crayfish party that rotates among Anders' old Scout friends. He wasn't here, unfortunately, as he's still in Italy, but the kids and I went and had a nice time despite that and the weather. Yesterday was bizarre. The weather was completely bi-polar: mad swings from sunny, blue & warm to pitch black and pouring rain... all day long. We were in a tent, but Mikael had rigged plenty of heaters and it was actually quite cozy.

Anders is the only one who eats whole crayfish, though Karin will eat some of them, so we brought pre-peeled crayfish tails and shrimp, and a quiche to share. There was cheese and grapes and bread and butter and several different quiches, and we made a good meal of it.

We didn't stay super late...Karin was asleep in the living room by 10:30 so we packed it up and left just after; first to go. Everyone was calling to me to let loose and stay out late while Anders was gone, and I just laughed. Staying until 10:30 IS cutting loose for me.

I just realized my feet are cold. Guess it's time to start remember to wear socks around the house.

Martin handed in both his big projects on Friday and Saturday and now we're starting the next one: studying for the SAT. We checked out SAT prep apps and found several that seem useful. We spent about an hour and a half going through questions, and I deduce that if I took the test today, I would probably get roughly the same score I did when I actually took it back in 1982. Excellent in English, Horrible in math. Some things never change, eh? But I did get a couple of math questions right (by guessing) and told Martin (who was rather shocked) that my success was because I was psychic.

The plan is to work on the Questions of the day every day from now until he takes the test on November 4. There are 30 questions, 10 from each category...but he'll have to do some extra studying for the grammar. Even I can never remember what past perfect is, exactly. I just know when a sentence is correct or not.

I just paid the fees for Anders and I to be Karin's driving instructors. Now, we just need the official papers and then she'll hit the road. Both of them practice-driving at once, EEK! Although we do need to get MUCH better about forcing Martin to take the wheel.

Anyway, Karin wants the computer back so that's all I have time for.

Megsie, if you read this, I'm thinking of you. Hope you are hanging in there.
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Does Martin not want to drive? I didn't get my license until after I finished college, neither did my sister above and below me, as we didn't really have the money for it earlier and it was totally unnecessary during college.

I have read that they changed the way they score the SAT so maybe your math score would be better. It used to be that guessing when you didn't know an answer was a bad idea as wrong answers counted against you but now they only count correct answers so you're better off guessing if you don't know than leaving it blank. But I'm not sure when that was supposed to take effect. Where does he have to go to take it?

No, Martin most emphatically does NOT want to drive. It's discouraging, though he does do it, when forced. Sometimes.

I don't remember wrong answers counting against you on the SAT. How would that even work?

How is he figuring on getting around once he leaves home, if he doesn't drive?

I was very hesitant to learn to drive, and didn't get my license until I was a sophomore in college.

It works by not counting as zero, but as a negative.

It was done to discourage someone guessing their way to a good score so the old adage was you're better off leaving it blank if you didn't know the correct answer. I don't think the new scoring goes into effect until spring of next year.

If he lives in a city, he doesn't really need to drive, though I agree it's a life skill one should have. I was scared to be in control of a hulking ton of metal for a long time and as long as I had reliable and frequent alternatives, I didn't want to drive. Living in Maine without any other means of transportation was the thing that finally drove (!) me to do it. ;-)

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That is crazy stupid. I had no idea.


Getting answers right by guessing - Martin was shocked that you're psychic? Remind him that the apple doesn't fall very far........
Love, Lizardmom


Psycho not psychic. he got that question wrong. good thing it is not on the SAT´s.

thinking of everyone. wish you were here.

Wish you were here, too!

From Megsie

I am reading now! I am hanging in there...trying to catch up on everything. xoxoxxoxo

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