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Photos of starving polar bears and dead, starved polar bears are making my heart hurt. What the hell, humans??

I am feeling discouraged about certain things and certain people. I don't (yet) know exactly what to do about them.

One of the people is me.

Some days I feel like the last blogger. Facebook killed blogging. Snapchat has nailed its coffin shut. Thank goodness for June.

Maybe I need to take a class. An art class or something.

Maybe I just need to get over myself (which is what I can hear my brother saying).

I would think that what I would need to do is take a break, but I've tried that, and it doesn't help. Besides, you can't really take a break from your LIFE. I mean, you can, I guess, but I wouldn't. I don't want to. I like my life. I just think it needs a little... pizzazz.

Did you know that the origin of the word pizzazz is unknown? Its earliest known usage is from 1937. That's not even 100 years ago!

Maybe I need to see my mom. Or my sister. Or my brother (not in a hospital bed).

Maybe I just need another vacation.
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A blogger I follow posed the question recently, "Do People Still Read Blogs?" It generated a whole lot more traffic and comments than she usually sees, which at least shows that people are still talking about blogs, even if they aren't reading them everyday.

I will blame FB to some extent but, as I mentioned in my comments on her post, I also think it's partly due to the fact that people are not bound to their computers anymore. I am on the computer all day at work and often in the evening I prefer to just surf on my phone. But I hate typing anything of substance on the phone and even the comment I often want to make feels too long for phone typing, nevermind a whole blog entry.

Great blog post, thanks for linking to it. I don't know about being bound to their computer anymore...I'm on less now than before, and I'm still writing, though, granted, not always as much. I'm glad there are still some of us out here!

And I totally agree about hating to type on a phone. I can't do it!

Well, you're not the *last* blogger. I still have LJ friends who write and, while I need to improve and post 'better' entries, I still love it here. LJ is so different from FB, as you know, but it's not dead. Not to me, anyway!

I hope you find your center soon. Maybe trying something new and different will inspire you. That's what I do to shake things up occasionally. Take up a new hobby (mine has been collage and electric bass) or have some Reiki done or try a new yoga class. This type of thing usually opens me up and gets my creativity and a sense of purpose going.

I think some drunk guy said he wanted a 'pizza' but couldn't say it properly, and so, 'pizzazz' was born. (I do love etymology-- I see that this word is attributed to Diana Vreeland, fashion editor of Harper's Bazaar in the 1930s.)

That's nice to hear! I know I'm not the last blogger,'s just such a difference between now and when I started :)


Well OF COURSE you need to see your Mother! How many years now have you been seeing her this month?!! You're supposed to be on the east coast now - that's the problem! But in the meantime -try something new - art therapy is wonderful, I can attest to that, or maybe a class of something that challenges the brain or body. Take a hike (long) also usually works. Missing you too - Love, Lizardmom

I KNOW RIGHT?! And if I can't be there, then YOU should be HERE!!

I know the feeling well. I think an art class would be an awesome antidote: something to get your creative juices flowing again, and introduce you to some new people for social stimulation.

Or go see your mom. Moms are great for what ails us. :-)


Not saying anything right now, of course if you want to visit me, I go in the Hospital on Tuesday again...

after that, I will be home for a few weeks. No work for me!

You need a new hobby.

Facebook didn´t kill blogs. Bloggers killed blogs. And I agree, at night most everyone is probably on their tablets or phones, just doing the lurker and surfer thingy instead of sitting at a desktop. I do it too. my tablet is my Ereader and quick email check, although I rarely respond because tying on a tablet is crap.

gotta go!
love ya!


Just now reading this and my reaction is you need a big virtual hug, so ((hug)) my dear friend!


From Megsie

I will second the hug! xo

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