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Crazy season is starting. I can feel things revving up. I have a full day tomorrow that includes meetings at work and outside of it, plus a doctor's appointment. Tuesday is a goodbye party for an American colleague who is moving back home, and Wednesday Barky gets beautiful again (thank goodness). Friday, Camilla is spending the night as we are leaving super early in the morning to spend the day in Gothenburg at the Book Fair where we have tickets to see Laini Taylor speak twice! I hope she won't think it's weird when I come up to say hi (also I hope they let the hoi polloi come up to say hi).

We should use hoi polloi more. It's really fun to say.

Then! As if that weren't enough, the following week is crazy, too! We have the AWC Annual Meeting (at which I am standing in for our President) which includes board elections, book group (for a book I haven't even started yet) and I'm going to see Top Hat at the Malmö Opera House with my friend Debbie.

We went into Malmö today to see Anders' mom. We had fika with her and then she asked rather wistfully if we could go for a Sunday drive somewhere and then go eat dinner. So, instead of just a couple of hours, it turned into an all afternoon/evening thing. We went to the harbor in Klagshamn and walked around and took photos of the swans and then sat in the sunshine for awhile.

No, I didn't know there was a mast coming out of farmors head until after I posted it to Instagram and Facebook and someone pointed it out. Drrrr

Yesterday, Martin and Karin both participated in The Color Run, in Lund. This is the 3rd year it's taken place in Sweden and it's hugely popular. Martin did it for his CAS Action requirement for IB, with a friend. Karin did it with most of the girls from her soccer team. They both had fun and Karin took some fantastic photos and videos.

Good thing I thought to bring towels with me in the car when I picked them up. They were COVERED in paint. They both got t-shirts, and Karin also bought a headband, a ballerina tutu skirt and rainbow tube socks.

Martin and I have started watching X Company, another Canadian series, this one set during WWII. Three episodes in, so far so good, though I have some issues with it. We watched the third episode yesterday for myskväll and then watched a long series of clips from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon reading hashtags. Hilarious!

It's already only 9 p.m. and I'm ready for bed. What a wimp!
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