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I missed the blood moon. I'll stay up late for falling stars but get up super extra early for a big red moon? Nope. (Actually, I forgot)

Speaking of big red things, I'm reading The Martian. Have you read it? Are you going to see the movie? I'm excited for it, because I like science fiction and I like Matt Damon and the book so far is good, albeit pretty techy and mathy and sciency. I was telling the kids about it at dinner tonight, and Martin said, "A movie about a guy figuring out how to grow enough potatoes for 4 years...sounds thrilling." He's a scoffer, though, so what does he know?

We had the Annual AWC meeting on Monday at which I was President, VP Membership, Audio/Visual Tech Presenter and, when I got home, Editor. That is too many jobs on one board for one organization for one person, even me. The President stepped down early last month due to health issues, so I ran the meeting and the presentation (which I also put together). BUT! During the board meeting (which I also ran), I mentioned that I hadn't had a chance to check the nominations page and see if anything had changed since I had done the ballots, and I checked and LO AND BEHOLD: someone had put their name up for MY position!!

WOO HOO! I have been on the AWC board for 18 years. I had one break way back in 2005-2006 when I left my Editor position for a year (and had to be replaced by 2 people, haha!). Then I took back the Editor job until 2009. Then I was FAWCO Rep for half a year and then took over VP Membership in January 2010. And I've been on the webteam even when I wasn't being Editor.

Don't get me wrong, I LIKE being on the board, and I like being the organizer behind the scenes and I liked being Editor, too. And I'm still on the webteam, and available to the board for questions, so it's not like I'm retiring...I'll probably go back again at some point. But it's nice to take a break and let the younguns do some work. The girl who is taking over the membership job has been on the board before (as Co-VP Activities) and is very enthusiastic, so I'm pleased.

What shall I do with all that extra time, though? Hmmm....more walking? haha!
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I too missed the supermoon and eclipse.. I did remember to check outside the window when I was up in the middle of the night (hello insomnia) but it was too cloudy to see a bloody thing (pun intended ;-)).

Yes I've read The Martian and am quite looking forward to the movie. I joined a book club recently and this was the first book we read with the club. When I saw this was the book picked I was a bit hesistant, and after reading the first few pages I was like "okay.... I do hope it's not written like this from start to end". It is a bit techy and scientific but I do like how he takes the time to explain all the scientific stuff to us noobs hah. I really had a hard time putting down the book and am quite enthusiastic about it now :)

Me too, and we saw the movie tonight and really enjoyed it. Karin said she'd never sweated so much through a movie! :D


Hurrah for a break -you definitely deserve it -enjoy the down "ME" time! Love, Lizardmom

Your work on the AWC board always reminds me of my mom's with her singing group. I think you both deserve a break!

Definitely past time!

I couldn't stay up late enough for the lunar eclipse -- saw just the very beginning of it, then hit the hay. Having to get up at 5:00 for work every day is the pits. :-P

Have not read The Martian -- author? I won't be able to see the movie in the theater, since it comes out after my surgery date, but perhaps I'll manage to find time to read the book...

HURRAH! on being replaced at last! I bet that feels spectacular! :-)

The book is by Andy Weir and the movie did an excellent job of following the book pretty closely. It was really good too!

i didn't think the eclipse was that spectacular to be honest, but then i wasn't standing with a DSLR near some cool building to offset the moon with and thinking of how i could tweak the result in photoshop for extra wow factor... ;-)

haha! Photoshop makes everything better!

Wow Liz, that is far too many jobs!

We lucked out on timing for the big red moon, which my sister & I saw quite well at 8:30ish on Sunday evening.

8:30 would be much more doable. No way was I getting up at 3 a.m.!!

Hmmm, I should reread The Martian..

Or go see the movie! It was really good :)

From Megsie

We did see the Super beautiful...and the blood moon...and the eclipse. It was great luck that it happened early here beginning at 8:30ish and the total blood moon was close to 10:00. I love the moon, so it was so nice for me. Sarah sat outside the whole time, but I would go out for 5 minutes and then go back to work. Several trips like that. I am so happy to be all caught up with you! Yay! I am glad that you will have a respite for a while in AWC. You are too busy! (Hello pot, I'm the kettle, you're black.) xoxoxoxoxo

Re: From Megsie

I am so glad to see you back online! I have missed you!!

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