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If I was away from LJ for several days some years ago, it could take me hours to scroll through and read everything on my friends list and RSS feed. These days, it's a matter of minutes. Nice on the one hand, but sad on the other.

It's been a busy weekend in the middle of 2 busy weeks at the beginning of a busy month. On Friday I went to see Top Hat at the Malmö Opera House with my friend Debbie. She and the Wonders had given me a gift certificate when I had that big birthday a year ago, and that was the musical I chose (I've never seen it before or the movie). Now I feel as if that birthday is OFFICIALLY over. I haven't been to see live theater in quite awhile and it was really fun. I left work at 4 and met her in town at 4:30. We parked behind the Opera House and went to find someplace to eat and chat. She actually had birthday presents for me from THIS summer because she hasn't had a chance to get them to me since August, so it was kind of a double-birthday present night :)

We looked at a couple of places but they were too expensive and we finally ended up at a tiny tapas place around the corner from Davidshallstorg. I don't even know the name of the restaurant but the food was fantastic and the perfect portion size! We each ordered 3 tapas and had a lovely couple of hours talking and getting caught up before we had to leave for theater. I had artichoke hearts with aioli, mushroom and parmesan risotto and 4 tiny slices of tuna carpacchio with avocado creme. YUM.

The musical was great fun, very well-done and the two leads were fantastic. We really enjoyed it and came out wanting to get involved again in choir. Haa!

Yesterday I finished the book I had been reading, The Martian, and put it down with a sigh of satisfaction. Good stuff! Then I promptly asked Martin if the movie had come out yet and when it turned out that the premier had been the day before we decided to go that evening. Anders bailed out but the kids and I went. My friend Camilla was going to go with us, but got sick, so she bailed, too. We went to the mall for an hour beforehand to find a couple of sweaters/sweatshirts that Karin needed and saw the movie at 5:30. It's nearly 2.5 hours long and it was in 3D which I usually hate but it was worth it this time. Excellent film and I really like Matt Damon, so was very happy with the evening.

Today has been finishing up everything on the to-do list: cleaning, laundry, walking, watering plants, AWC stuff, grocery-shopping, practice driving with Karin and batch-cooking some couscous and lentils in portion packs for eating with salads. Anders left this morning for another 2-week business trip, this time to Thailand. SUCK. He has another one to China in November, to boot.

Also, I got the results of all my blood tests last week and everything came back normal: cholesterol, kidney function, pancreas function, etc. Woot!

We are working on plans to visit my brother for Christmas, or rather for the mellandagarna, the week between Christmas and New Year's. John confirmed that the apartment has been booked for us, so now we need to check airline flights/prices. I am starting to get a little panicky about how quickly Christmas is coming. Is it too early to request wish lists from my family??
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Never too early to start requesting lists- since you know how slow we can be to getting them together! Besides -there's the mail issue once we do the shopping! So glad you enjoyed all the entertainment this week-end. Love, Lizardmom

I just sent an email! Fa la la la la!

From Megsie

Would you QUIT mentioning Christmas?? Oh, my. I can't get done with SEPTEMBER. I have been making poor choices for that last 5 days. My stack of grading has NOT gone down much. I will begin again in a few minutes, but I am so tired that I don't see it making much difference. Too much family stuff happening to care much about work or my class that I am taking. Sort of want to disappear, but our big four-day weekend is coming soon, so if I can just hang on until then, I think everything will be okay. I am actually looking forward to Christmas this year. Then this semester will be over. It is too much. I need to back off next semester.

Your evening out sounds spectacular! And...finishing a book that you loved and being able to see the movie right away is awesome. What a great weekend! xoxoxoxooooxxxx

Re: From Megsie

My icon is for you! :D Smooch!!

Re: From Megsie

There is NOT a more perfect icon for me! Mr. GRINNNNNCH!

It is sad, isn't it, that so many old friends have left. I never had a friends list the likes of yours, couldn't have handled it, but there were some great folks who posted consistently who I miss.

October is not too early for holiday lists Liz, ask away.

I'm glad to hear it because I just sent an email requesting them!

It used to be I could check LJ every few hours for new posts; now, I check every day or two. It makes me sad, how many friends have passed on, lost interest, downgraded to Facebook-only, or otherwise stopped blogging in a shared environment. Another poster I really enjoyed just gave up last week, much to my distress. :-(

How have you never seen the movie version of Top Hat? You were deprived! But how fun to see it as a live production, especially with birthday presents beforehand.

Cheers on the blood tests. BOO! on the business trips for Anders. And ACK! re: Christmas -- I'm still on Halloween, and haven't really started thinking about Thanksgiving yet!

I've seen clips of it, at least, and I knew the storyline.

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