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Oy, where did that week go? Where did all the weeks go? I know, I know, I talk about how times flies all the time; you'd think I'd be used it by now, but no, it's equally surprising ALL THE TIME. All the time that disappears.

It's been raining and/or drizzling for days on end and my hair is reacting as you'd expect: like a crazy person. It's not just frizzy. It's SUPER FRIZZY. If I let it air-dry even a little bit after a shower, it looks like chestnut dandelion fuzz. Good thing it's not bird-nest-building season because I'd be in danger, if so. Prime material, I tell you.

So this weekend is already nearly over and where did the time go? Anders came home Friday, but I didn't even see him until nearly 11 p.m. because I was out to dinner with Debbie & Camilla. It was really fun but Camilla, that instigator, brought Tupperware catalogs and who can resist? Not a confirmed Tupperware addict like me. You'd think I already HAVE all the Tupperware, but there is always something that you need. Heh. We had a yummy sushi dinner and a lot of laughs and good conversation. I feel very lucky to have these two friends in my life!

Yesterday and today the time has mostly gone to cleaning house and laundry, and walking. And reading and playing stupid games on the iPad. I spent several hours purging my closet and dresser of clothes I never wear. I filled three bags and put aside a pile of smaller sizes to check on again in 6 months. All my clothes look very neat and tidy! Getting rid of old clothes is ridiculously difficult sometimes but it went pretty smoothly this once. There are still plenty of things in my closet that I can't wear anymore, that I can't seem to part with, but they still give me pleasure to look at instead of guilt, so I don't have much remorse in still holding on to them. I did part with a horrendously 80s Christmas sweater, though. It was the only thing that was a tough call, haha!

Anders did some quick research today on flights to Germany for our vacation between Christmas and New Year's with my brother and it's actually looking like it will be MUCH cheaper to drive. Even with gas prices, the ferry, and a possible overnight on the road. Yay for 11 hours in the car both ways in winter weather! NOT. All the millions of geese flying south over us in the past month are honking out a hard-winter-ahead warning. John says they've already had snow at the house and the mountains are white. Eek! Winter is coming.

And then, like everything else, it will zoom by and before you know it, spring will be here again! Zooooooooom.

*You're welcome.
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