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Two disgusting things I did today
Cleaned the hair trap under the bathtub
Emptied the overfull food garbage bag

Two yummy things I ate today
Kelda Skogssvampsoppa (Forest Mushroom Soup)
Smoked Salmon

Two things I wrote in text messages to my children today

Two things that made me happy at work today
Praise from my boss
A good resolution to a potentially dramatic issue

Two things I saw while driving today
Storks in the fields
Gorgeous fall leaves

Two chores I did the moment I got home today
Laundry (2 loads)
Emptied the dishwasher

Two iPad games I played today
Two dots
Seven Little Words

Two things I checked off my to-do list at work today
A Nigerian case study
The final draft of a magazine layout

Two things I DIDN'T get done today
Cleaning the fish tank
Defrosting the freezer

Two things that made me happy at home today
Anders talking to his mom on the phone and reporting back that she is feeling better
Petting Morhippan who was sleeping on Martin's legs

Two things I learned today
An LJ friend is moving to Sweden by the end of this year!
Eating tacos cost way more WW points than they're worth (so I abstained)

Two magazines I purchased yesterday and read today
Martha Stewart's Living, October 2015 issue
Martha Stewart's Halloween 2015 issue

Two things I watched today
Episode 5, Season 1 of Orphan Black
Jimmy Fallon's Do Not Read Lists

Two things I have on my calendar for tomorrow
A doctor's appointment
Lunch for my boss (who is going on maternity leave after next week)

Two things I have on my calendar for later this week
Lunch with my daughter on Friday
Eating the mystery gourd I bought the other day in the hopes it's spaghetti squash
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