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Megsie reminded me, in the comments on someone else's blog today, that I am actually a blogger too...though you wouldn't have guessed it by the radio silence here lately. Just lots going on, and other things on my mind, and two kids who hog the computer all evening, all weekend, so that I just don't bother.

Anders is in China for 2 weeks (1 week down) for work, and his mom is in the hospital, not doing well, and tomorrow Martin and I have to get up at the crack of dawn (not even, since it's so damn dark here nowadays) to drive to Malmö so he can take the SAT. Karin is playing in a soccer tournament until midnight tonight and will get home well after I am hopefully asleep, but knowing me, I won't be able to actually fall asleep until I hear her come in, so I'll be tired and grumpy tomorrow.

The test is approximately 4 hours long so I will have a book and my iPad with me and since we'll be close to the central station and I just looked up Starbucks' opening hours there, I'll probably head over to have breakfast and hang out on their sofas while I wait for him. I suppose I could go home in between but I'd only have about 2 hours before I'd have to head back anyway, and I can't go to the hospital to visit Märta since visiting hours there don't start until afternoon.

My boss is on maternity leave, I've lost nearly 7 kilos, Martin is turning 18 in ONE MONTH, Karin might have a new boyfriend, I couldn't find any spaghetti squash at the store today and I have several events to plan: the AWC cookie exchange, our annual Thanksgiving potluck dinner, a Tupperware party and a jewelry swap. So much spinning around in my brain.

I know several people, including Mystic Vixen and Wonderings & Wanderings are doing the Nablopoomoo but I don't see how I can get motivated now, since it's already a week in. Maybe I'll do Decblopoomalingo instead. Or maybe I'll continue my hit or miss record. No one reads this thing anyway, do they?


Do they?
mood: contemplative
music: buzzy computer noises, Martin sighing at me to get off the computer already


7 kilos is great progress, keep it up! Good luck to Martin on the SAT tomorrow.

I am doing NaBloPoMo over on my music blog but posting every day is not an easy task. Hit and miss is good enough I think.

7.7 now :) Am thrilled!

From Megsie

YES, I DO. Ha!

I am sorry that your one kid will keep you up 'till the small hours and another will make you get up before the birds. Kids! They have no idea.

I have successfully survived my week from Hell this week. I was observed today, and hopefully my Dean liked what he saw! When I got home after meeting with Nicholas and his math teacher (A-hem.) I fell asleep on the floor checking my email. I am trying to get motivated to begin ORGANIZING all the grading I will have to do this weekend. There is a lot, and that is an understatement.

I am so sorry to hear about Ander's mom. Oh. My heart hurts for all of you. I hope she begins her healing soon.

Still looking forward to Christmas. I tried to play Neil Young this morning on my computer and it played The Rolling Stones, so I rolled with it. It was on the mix thingy. It played THREE Christmas songs before I had to leave for work. I think that was God telling me to hang on, it will be here soon!

Tell Martin to just chill, you need to be on the computer! Your fans need a fix!


Re: From Megsie

I can't imagine being OBSERVED like that at work. How weird! I guess they don't have any other real way of seeing how you teach, but I would think it would be a very skewed result...I mean, you KNOW you are being observed. Maybe they should have hidden camers! haha!

Anders' mom is doing a bit better. She was moved to short-term care today and is thrilled to be in a place with other people around her!

Yep, still reading. I couldn't get in to LJ for weeks no matter where I tried to sign in (tablet, phone or PC) and figured they were having another denial of service attack. But apparently no, it was just me having problems.

Now that I can get in again I may actually even do a time.

I haven't had any problem getting in...not that I would have noticed, having been such a slacker for so long! :P

Of course we do!

And I'm GLAD! :)


Nope, haven't read in years. Surprised you still are here.

Here in America, losing 7 kilos is the basis for a Seth Rogen/Owen Wilson movie plot.

PS: But wow! That's a lot of weight (yes, I had to convert). Great job!

I know, right? Seth Rogen/Owen Wilson? URGH. Up to 7.7 this week. Or should I say down? :)


Yes, I do! and I must have checked this blog for updates nearly every day since you last posted! :( Glad you're back and I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one missing you here! Yes your kids need to share this computer more - who's in charge?? Tell them I said they have to share more.....there, that should help. Otherwise they will have to sub for you here, and I bet that threat would get them to take a break! Love, Lizardmom

I know, I'm a slacker, I'm sorry!! Who's in charge? Erm...hrm... I think you would get a different answer from everyone in the family! haha!

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