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I only have a minute to write...we're going to watch the last but one episode of Downton Abbey tonight. It's already nearly 9 and I'm ready to go to bed right after. In fact, if we weren't going to watch it, I'd probably go to bed now. How lame. All day today I kept thinking it was Wednesday and tomorrow is going to be such a let-down since I have to live through it AGAIN. Stupid brain.

Anders' mom was moved to a short-term care facility (assisted) this morning and she's perked up so much the change is remarkable. She commented that she was really happy to be surrounded by people, and I suspect that loneliness and depression was a great deal of the problem. I hope she continues to thrive and that they can find her a good spot quickly. She's ready to move and that feels really nice, to know that she's ready to make the change.

I find myself not wanting to eat things I love because I know how detrimental they are. It's both sad and gladdening to me at the same time. But today, I had spinach soup and it was so good! I've been on a bit of a soup kick lately. And I really, really miss chicken noodle soups. Why doesn't Sweden have any?? This is the list of soups you can get here: yellow pea, mushroom, asparagus, tomato, goulasch, lentil, and Thai chicken. Sometimes you can find minestrone. But it's rare that you find any kind of broth-based soup and NEVER any with noodles. I wouldn't have thought I'd miss chicken noodle soup so much, but I do. And I KNOW I can make it myself, but it's not the same.

Anyway, the spinach soup I had today reminded me of my most favorite soup ever: my dad's chervil soup. YUM. Why don't I make it? I am lame. Must get motivated and dig out the recipe.

Okay, that's all, gotta go!
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So happy to hear that MArta is responding so well to the change.
Yum- on soup. You definitely should try making soup -it's easy and it is all SO much healthier and very much tastier than those canned ones. If you insist it taste like Campbell's -just add an entire box of salt! It's just like when I had to go on a low sodium diet- everything tasted bland- but within a very short time, it changed to good, and the old stuff and I couldn't choke down! Hope you enjoyed the show. Love, Lizardmom

Mmmmm salt!


Soup and Salad has been my lunch now for a few weeks, and Mom is right. (again) they are easy to make, you just need a Simone2015 Model and she whips them right up! including - Pumpkin, Potato(e), zucchini, Chicken, Noodle, Wedding, Brätknodel (go translate that one Google...) and many more!!!

Or you need a Lunchroom that offers 1 Soup every day. also a good option. Why cook yourself? Oh and mom is right. (again) just add a box of Salt. also a good option. Yummy!

Glad to hear Marta is doing well, Hope the adjustment continues in a positive way, Socializing is good for you! that is why there is FACEBOOK.

Don´t think of how detrimental all the food is, find things you love and figure out new ways to combine them for extra yummy results. I have been pretty surprised by my new diet, and the yumminess in many new things. including Soups. and salads, and Feta cheese! makes every thing better! like Bacon! only better! and not Bacon!

Dad´s Chervil soup was someone else´s once... not sure who´s, but not his own invention. still. Yummy. go dig it out. and cook it up. eat. enjoy.

You know what I love about your blog? I never have to sign in anymore. you just know it´s me... and of course you have the option on for Anonymous IP Lurkers...

Guess who? yep, me.

I need me one of those Simone2015 Models. Is she available for hire? Or does she have a recipe book of soups?? NOM!!

And who is this? OH IT'S YOU.

Liz, take 2 leeks, 1 onion, 2 large potatoes. Chop them up small and sweat them in a large pan. Pour in 2-3 litres of vegetable stock (cubes plus water will do the job), Cook until really soft - 30 minutes should do it - then liquefy everything, back in the pot, add some cooking cream, a little salt and paper - best leek and potato soup ever!

Sounds heavenly! Thanks!

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