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I only have a minute to write...we're going to watch the last but one episode of Downton Abbey tonight. It's already nearly 9 and I'm ready to go to bed right after. In fact, if we weren't going to watch it, I'd probably go to bed now. How lame. All day today I kept thinking it was Wednesday and tomorrow is going to be such a let-down since I have to live through it AGAIN. Stupid brain.

Anders' mom was moved to a short-term care facility (assisted) this morning and she's perked up so much the change is remarkable. She commented that she was really happy to be surrounded by people, and I suspect that loneliness and depression was a great deal of the problem. I hope she continues to thrive and that they can find her a good spot quickly. She's ready to move and that feels really nice, to know that she's ready to make the change.

I find myself not wanting to eat things I love because I know how detrimental they are. It's both sad and gladdening to me at the same time. But today, I had spinach soup and it was so good! I've been on a bit of a soup kick lately. And I really, really miss chicken noodle soups. Why doesn't Sweden have any?? This is the list of soups you can get here: yellow pea, mushroom, asparagus, tomato, goulasch, lentil, and Thai chicken. Sometimes you can find minestrone. But it's rare that you find any kind of broth-based soup and NEVER any with noodles. I wouldn't have thought I'd miss chicken noodle soup so much, but I do. And I KNOW I can make it myself, but it's not the same.

Anyway, the spinach soup I had today reminded me of my most favorite soup ever: my dad's chervil soup. YUM. Why don't I make it? I am lame. Must get motivated and dig out the recipe.

Okay, that's all, gotta go!
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