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Anders is home from Italy! He got in around 1 a.m. due to delays, poor thing. Did you know that "Anders" is from the Greek, meaning "man?" Which means my man is really my MAN. No rest for the weary, however, we didn't sleep well and Karin arrived in our bedroom with blanket, pillow, comfort rag, stuffed animal and 3 pacifiers around 3 a.m. And we had to be up at 6 a.m. to get our butts out the door on time for Karin's Lucia show.

I'm at work today, however, since the kids were fine this morning. Martin went to his Lucia Christmas party last night, and Karin went to hers this morning. They were both gingerbread men. Even though Karin has a Lucia outfit, she refuses to wear it and has been either a santa or a gingerbread boy every year. This year goes on record as being the first year in 6 years that I have seen a child dressed as a stjärngosse at a Lucia concert. They must be making a comeback since there was at least one little boy in that humiliating white starred dunce cap at all 3 of the Lucia events my kids have been in. Or else there's some sort of backlash underground movement to bring back the starboy. Go starboy! You're so uncool you're cool!

Ice on the car this morning and our new scraper is shit. It scrapes a 1/4" wide strip, despite being 3 inches wide, which means, if I had the patience to actually scrape all the windows on the car, that it would be next THURSDAY before I was done. argh

The plumber should be, as I write this, putting the finishing touches on our second bathroom. The sun is shining. It's Friday. Anders is home. Someone else will be vacuuming and mopping the floors of my house today. *happy dance*


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