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Am so unmotivated when it comes to writing right now. Karin is sitting behind me and I said, "Karin, help me write a blog post. What should I write about?"

One guess what her answer was.

It's not a super busy week and work has been EXTRA slow. We are having a mandatory department meeting this week. I suspect some sort of re-org. Urgh. I'm taking Friday off, though, so that will help, haha!

It's hard to come up with things to write about that don't have to do with my weight, my weight loss, my menu plans, things I'm not eating, etc. BORING.

If you want something good to read, go here:

Martin and I started the college application process last night for U of Toronto, just to see what we could find out about what is needed and promptly got bogged down. Also: GAH, so expensive. Just for applying! APPLYING. They should pay YOU to apply, and THEN you pay to go there if you get accepted. Thankfully, you can save and come back later. I suspect it's going to be a save-and-come-back-later several times before he is through. URGH.

Karin just informed me that one of her boobs is smaller than the other. Uh huh, I answered. One of your feet is, too. Now we're getting back to the topic she asked me to write about from the beginning: her! hahaha! She emptied the dishwasher and cleaned off the recycleables from the kitchen counter today when she got home before we did. We were late because Martin and I were at the grocery store and Anders was getting his hair cut. KARIN GOT HER HAIR CUT, TOO. (and it looks very nice, though much the same...). She was going to cook dinner as well, but we foiled her plans by calling Anders from the grocery store and asking him what he wanted to do for dinner and he sent us a list so he could make pasta with crayfish tails and garlic. YUM.

She's laying on the floor behind me, with her feet propped up on the desk, but she moves them every time I try to tickle them. She has very long legs. Last week, she came and had lunch with me at the office, which was the third time in the past couple of months. So nice! We sat next to each other at the table and one of my colleagues made a comment about how much alike we look. We turned to each other with the same expression on our faces: disbelief. Raised eyebrows.

I've never thought that Karin looks much like me, actually. But later, we were looking at my high school senior portrait, and I'll be damned. Flat-iron the hair and stretch it and there she was. Slightly different nose, slightly different chin, but whoa Nelly. Weird. What do you think?

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