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I'm reading along in a book I bought a couple of weeks ago, part one in a new paperback trilogy by one of my favorite fantasy authors (which continues the story from several other trilogies...she's prolific) and about 100 pages from the end, the story abruptly switches from one page to the next. I stop in confusion and read back, then forward. It's a complete jump in wording, in the middle of a sentence and in the context of the story. The page number on the left is 564. The page number on the right is...629.


65 missing pages in the middle of the exciting, nearly end of a story!! I had to buy a copy on Kindle so I could read my missing pages, to the tune of another $8.99. ARGH. I wrote an email to the bookstore where I bought the paperback asking if there was any way I could bring it in and get a refund, and also warning them to check their stock so no other poor book-buyer would be disappointed but they haven't answered me. VERY annoying! Maybe I should write a letter to the publisher, too.

I was at a 2-day course today and yesterday: Being a Leader When You're Not a Boss. It was really informative, interesting and thought-provoking. I got a lot out of it and am glad for all the useful tips for use in an office where I'm not officially a team leader or anything but have some of that role due to my seniority and experience. And maybe some day I WILL be team leader...who knows?

I've officially started Christmas shopping (haha! I just wrote "chopping", which is what it is doing to our bank account) and plan to continue tonight. I've got my brother's boys done, though I still need a birthday present for little Jakob. And I've got my niece done as well as her birthday, and my grandmother and my mom! Of course, Martin's birthday is in a little over a week, and I've got nothing... EEK!

Martin got his SAT scores back yesterday and he did fantastic! He's in the top 13% of the scores for all the people who have taken the SAT in 2015! Good thing that SAT scores are good forever, as he's also now decided that he wants to take a gap year. IB is enough to deal with and then his driver's license next summer...trying to manage all the college and scholarship research and applications is making us both crazy and he thinks he'd rather work for a year and then go. I have, obviously, mixed feelings about it, but it's his decision... so long as he actually does get a job and doesn't sit around playing video games for a year :)

Yesterday, after the course let out, I went and had dinner by myself in Malmö and window-shopped a bit, and went to the bookstore that I had heard went out of business but is apparently back open and just fine, and then went to wreathmaking. I missed it last year because I was in the States, and it was as fun as ever. And now I have a big, beautiful Christmas wreath on the front door, complete with 2 little pumpkins, pussywillows and gold-tinted pine cones!

Is 8 p.m. to early to go to bed? I am SO tired. Sitting in a room all day for two days and paying attention to someone the entire time is exhausting.
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How odd that there's a huge gap in the page in your book! Pity the bookstore hasn't responded, I think writing the publisher may be a good idea. Perhaps you can either get a new copy or your money for the kindle version reinbursed?

I LOVE YOUR WREATH!!! all caps on purpose cause I think it's awesome :)

Thank you! I love the little pumpkins and pussywillows were a bonus. Plus, I was thrilled that the gold paint was available, it always makes the wreath more festive!

From Megsie

Your wreath is lovely! What fun! I think your conference sounds really interesting! I think listening for a long time is tiring too, but I love things like that. Last weekend I went to the National Council of Teachers of English convention. It was fantastic, but I was toast afterward. I still need to go back over my notes. My head was so full that I cannot remember anything.

It snowed here yesterday. The first snow that "stuck" so it looks wintery and feels the same. We have a Thanksgiving Hockey tournament all weekend, so I need to get some things done before we need to drive an hour to and from and to and from again. It is going to eat up my whole "break". I want to get my paper that is due next week done, AND get my grading done. I doubt that will happen. It bugs. The semester is almost over! I just MAY survive!

Re: From Megsie

I hope you get everything crossed off your to-do list! I am in the middle of online Christmas shopping...woot!

If he's not enthusiastic about heading off to college, a gap year might be just the ticket. I can already tell Ingrid is thinking about it and she's just three months into 9th grade! It can certainly help relieve the burn out and give him the time to figure out what he'd really like to study and where he wants to go. Hopefully it provides the direction and focus he isn't feeling right now.

My concern would be that once employed, my kid might decide, screw it, who needs school? I'm making money and enjoying my free time. But that's rarely a good long term strategy.

Edited at 2015-11-27 03:39 pm (UTC)

Thanks for your comment, it helps to have confirmation that what is happening is okay! And if the second thing happens, then it happens... it's HIS decision at that point!

OK, first off Liz, you've got to stop calling your entries lame. This one isn't, but even if they are!
Sometimes you do a catch up post, or a round up of what you've been up to. Sometimes you do some good writing. Sometimes thoughtful &/or philosophical. Yada yada...
Anyhow, none of the above are lame. Even if you wanted to write "this" way & instead you wrote "that" way.
Just stop it. We love to hear from you any way you are writing!

I have a similar thing I have to fight against in myself in the kitchen. I make a dish and then apologize to guests because it didn't turn out exactly as I anticipated. Usually, if I say nothing, they don't even notice and they love the dish.
We have got to stop apologizing for ourselves.

Ok, now I will get off the soapbox that seemed to pop up in your comments area.

A few things here...

Your wreath is gorgeous. I used to go to an annual wreath making out at my friends farm collective in the country, but have missed it for a couple of years and I don't think it is happening this year. Insert sad face.

I can't believe 65 pages missing! Argh. Glad you could find a solution right away. But argh.

I was so ready to be out of school when I graduated. College seemed like high school with ashtrays. But that was just our local community college.
Also that was then & this is now. It is pretty common now to take a gap year and then get back to things.
Tell Martin your concerns maybe? Be reassured that he will go back? Often, it gives a young person a chance to get in tune with their passions and what they really want to do with their education. (Rather than party it away).

The leadership course sounds interesting.

Thanks for writing Liz!

Good lord, I just saw I never replied to this comment! Sorry about that, and you're right, you're right. I will try to stop but honestly, sometimes I feel so LAME about my posts :)


Oh, looking at your picture - the wreaths are so tasteful. Last year I decorated a wreath in a completely bonkers fashion, putting little decorations on for each member of the family, and then I hung it one the front door, much to the embarrassment of the children. :-) (I must look back and see if I included it on my LJ blog.) Ha!

Well done, they all look lovely.

Re: Wreaths

That sounds hilariously great! I would love to see a photo!

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