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Liz: *sitting on couch, holds up iPad with something funny on it* Hey Martin! Look!
Martin: *leans over and looks out the doorway of the computer room on the other side of the house* I'm not a hawk.

Today, Martin turns 18. ADULTHOOD! Woot! Do I get a prize for successfully steering my firstborn through to adulthood? Oh wait, I already got one... when he was born. *rimshot*

The first email I got this morning was one from the school system officially locking us out of his information. Since he's now officially an adult, we no longer get to know if he's been late to class or if he's playing hooky. I find it a little weird, since he IS still in high school, but whatever.

He only got one birthday present from us this year, but it was a doozy: a Macbook Air laptop, which he's been both needing for school and wanting for a long time. :)

I had nothing to do tomorrow night, the only such night in the entire week (including last weekend and most of last week as well), but just before dinner Debbie called and now I have plans. Tonight was a quick trip to WW because I missed last week (officially down 9.8 kilos!) and Martin's birthday dinner...he chose Creamy Crab Nachos (officially back up 3 kilos! haha). Tomorrow Debbie and I are going to see a play in Lund. Wednesday is book group. Thursday is the AWC julbord, which I'm sad to say only has 3 people signed up (WTH?) and Friday is our company Christmas party.

We went and chopped our annual Christmas trees on Saturday and got them both up and the big one decorated yesterday. The kids still have to decorate the little one (excuse me for a second)


but who knows when it will be done. Maybe if I tell Martin he can't have a slice of birthday cake tonight until it's done, that'll motivate him and then he'll motivate his sister...

Ornaments That My Mother Has Given My Husband That Might or Might Not Actually Be On The Tree
Blown-glass & glitter: cigar, motorcycle, hockey player, cognac bottle, pack of hotdogs, whiskey bottle.
Not-glass: wine & cheese basket, hockey player, skier, Santa on a Harley.

Number of Moose Ornaments

Number of Moving Boxes That ONLY Contain Tree Decorations

I'm only about 1/4 done with Christmas shopping and I haven't even started getting motivated about cards or our annual Christmas letter. Even with the house all festive, I'm only half in the mood. Though having the tree to look at will help: it's so pretty! And I love all my decorations :) I need to revamp my Spotify Christmas playlist though...it needs more upbeat holiday tunes. How do you get in the mood for the holidays?
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