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1 day until the light starts returning.

3 days until vacation starts.

5 days until Christmas (4 if you're a Swede).

5 days until the very last episode of Downton Abbey.

6 days until we leave for Germany!

11 days until the end of 2015.

25 days until Martin stops annoying me with detailed playback of AHS Hotel episodes.

39 days until choir starts.

48 days until the first Melodifestival competition.

82 days until Pie Night!

164 days until our 20th wedding anniversary.

171 days until Martin graduates high school.

194 days until our summer celebration trip to the US.

211 days until Donald Trump is no longer a possibility for President. PLEASE, GOD.

229 days until the Summer Olympics.

234 days until my birthday.

324 days until the US Presidential election.

370 shopping days until NEXT CHRISTMAS, Megsie! hahahahaha!

What are YOU looking forward to?
mood: calm
music: Chris Rea—Driving Home For Christmas


1 day until the light starts returning :: Yay!! So looking forward to a bit more light a day (even though it'll take a little while before we start noticing.. psychologically it makes a difference haha)

5 days until the very last episode of Downton Abbey :: I've been saving them up so I can watch them over the xmas holiday:)

171 days until Martin graduates high school :: Wow!

211 days until Donald Trump is no longer a possibility for President. PLEASE, GOD. :: +1000!

And the 370 days one made me giggle :)

From Megsie

It made me giggle too!

It DOES make a difference psychologically. I swear I can feel the difference! :)

From Megsie

What the Heck, Liz? I am still shopping for THIS CHRISTMAS!

Some day I will have it done and I will be able to enjoy gazing at wrapped presents under the tree...just not yet.

I love your list!!

Merry Christmas! xoxoxoxo

Re: From Megsie

Muahahaha! I couldn't resist. How could I resist? Not possible. :P

107 days until retirement

that's a good one!

82 days until Pie Night! That's a date I'd certainly remember. Pie .... yum, yum!

I wouldn't be too sure about Trump not being president - they voted in Bush again and again :) Perhaps you need to get this candidate to stand instead.

I would totally vote for Barsik! And you are invited to Pie Night...why don't the two of you come down and make a weekend of it?

The two of us? So... L-G's not invited? Miss Sophie will miss him terribly :)

Go Barsik! I think it's high time Miss Sophie also made a forasy into politics. She can't be worse than the clown we have in power at the moment.

LOL! Miss Sophie is ALWAYS invited. I assumed you knew that. :D

This is going to be one PACKED week! While I am looking forward to it, I am also looking forward to next week when I am off and have only "take Anders for new ear tubes" on the must-do list.

Nothing for New Year's? :D

Light junkie

Definitely the light!! I miss it so much. So tired of this darkness that without any snow is even darker.

Then I am looking forward to the end of this workday - the last Before my two and a half week holiday that I so desperately need! :)

Marie (used to be Mia ;) )

Re: Light junkie

I miss it like crazy, too. 17 hours less of daylight is TOO much.

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