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MAN, I'm bored. Talk to me!
mood: bored
music: XTC—Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead


Tell me things that you absolutely love about Sweden and the things you crave from home. :)

I LOVE MY ONLINE FRIENDS! :) You guys are quick! haha!

Things I love about Sweden: pace of life. pace of life. pace of life. mazarin pastries. meatballs whenever you freaking want them. midsummer poles (heh). all the little blond kids. proximity to rest of europe. it never gets too hot here. cheap and high-quality salmon.

Things I crave from home: spontaneity. chicago. high salaries. 3 musketeers bars. late opening hours. cheap high-quality sushi. cheap(er) books.

Thanks!! :) that was fun. How about you?

What do you want to talk about? I'm going to go fix lunch now--a risotto with very little cheese and lots of beans. Normally I just have a strawberry diet shake (with real strawberries) but I'm feeling the need for a hot lunch and I've been craving risotto for weeks. I can never cook it for dinner though b/c I like it with beans and the boy won't eat beans. I think the brown bean slop they feed them at school ruins Swedish men on the idea of beans (or at least the two Swedish men I personally know. I have such a large network to make such judgements from). Have you ever had the brown beans? I bought a tube of it once b/c I thought it looked like refried beans. I decided I would Mexcian it up, so chopped up some onion and garlic and fried it all together. They were a far cry from refried beans, that's for sure. How much sugar do you suppose they put in that nasty stuff? At least it made me understand why Mike isn't even willing to try beans when I cook them. I'm so glad that you can get un-tomatoed beans here these days. When I first moved here they were impossible to come by unless you bought the dried ones. I don't have sucess with dried beans.

Was that enough talking?

Once again you earn your title. You ROCK! :) My LJ friends are the best! :) I hate those beans. In fact, I'm not too keen on beans in general and usually when I eat chili I end up with a sad little forlorn pile of beans at the side of the bowl. I refuse to eat lima beans or black-eyed peas (beans in disguise). I think all beans taste basically like mud. And refried beans are, thus, refried MUD. Those brown tubes of beans are just too too terribly disgusting and there oughta be a law. Risotto, with mushrooms, on the other hand, sounds lovely. I had a fairly nasty lunch today. It was boiled veal with a dill sauce, and I couldn't stop thinking about baby cows. :( ick I would have had the laxröra on the baked potato but they had ruined it with corn. What IS it with Swedes and corn? They need to take classes in appropriate corn use. I should have had the spaghetti with meat sauce but it just looked too boring. I'll eat green beans, though. and wax beans, strangely enough. and I've been known to eat lentils on occasion, although I don't go out of my way for them.

Om du känner dig uttråkad, tänk då på att det är Anders som dammsuger, och det kunde ha varit du! Se där, nu blev det genast litet roligare, eller hur? ;-)

*laugh* actually, it's not him, it's his MOM! Even better! I feel much better now. :)

Hi there. I just woke up and am heading out the door to do some Christmas shopping downtown soon. It's also a sunny (!) day, so I'm going to try to take some pre-Christmas pictures of Stockholm while I'm out.

I woke up before noon today for the first time in weeks.

Hi back! Christmas shopping, what fun. I have 2 things left to buy for my kids, then I'm DEE-OH-EN-EE! What in the world are you doing sleeping past noon? Just because of Alex??

Random notes

The wind has travelled desserts
And sea to touch us
with cool fingertips
in defiance of
the 3 O'clock sun
riding high and powerful
in a sky deep enough
to swim in.


Palm fronds dance
to the winds tide,
spraying dappled shade
across a naked chest
and a terracotta floor
that burns feet.


white buildings reflect
and I reflect it back,
protected by liquid armour
from the onslaught of heat,
the shade is my ally.


There would be no need
for movement
if it wasn't for
the insects who
enjoy my company
too much.

wow. did you just make that up on the spot? Liquid armor. I like that.

Blah blah blah.
I am at work. The Lucia play put on by the Univ students was neat...even included a rousing rendition of "LUCIA in the sky with diamonds" complete with electric guitars. I just ate lunch, a baked potato with keso filling. Now, this probably even made you MORE bored! LOL!

I would have loved to hear that version! I've heard Lucia so many times this week that one more will make me literally puke and it's not even LUCIADAGEN yet!! LOL

I could always send you some more of the water hearings I'm doing. You'd not only be bored, you'd be comatose. MOre than you'd EVER want to know about vertical hydraulic conductivity!

I don't understand the tube thing here anyway, except where it comes to sylta. THAT makes sense, selling you refills in little tubes, so you don't keep filling up landfills with glass jars and stuff, but beans and soup? But then I don't buy a lot of that pre-packaged, pre-processed crap back in the States either, so I just never expect it to be good. I did tell Anders, tho, we should pick up a tube of the ris stuff to put on the balcony for our balcony tomte at Jul, because it's not worth making for just the tomte and neither of us care for it.

*runs screaming* don't you DARE give me any more of that trial! hahaha! I've never bought any of those tube things, and Anders doesn't ask about them. Poor guy, he never gets traditional Swedish foods like Kalles caviar unless he asks. I never buy fil or messmör or any of that stuff and things in, no.

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nice community. I'm not much beyond the family photographer, but there are other people on my friends list, in Sweden, who would be excellent additions.

Sorry I don't have much to say, nor much time to say it in. You could always go look at the Awful Plastic Surgery site I put a link to in my last entry.

been there, done that, icked out. :)

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