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How in the world has it come to this? Writing a Christmas letter for 2015 when I swear I JUST WROTE THE LAST ONE?? Time flies when you’re having fun, I guess!

2015 has been full and busy. Anders had lots of traveling for work, though Liz didn’t have any, for the first time since 2007. :( He went on a ski trip back in January with work colleagues, to the Czech Republic and then again with Karin in February for a week in France. For work, he went to China twice, Thailand, Italy twice, and Germany, most often for 2 weeks at a time. Liz is hoping for less of that in 2016, but that remains to be seen.

Martin also got to travel: to Berlin for 4 days with his history class. They had a great time touring around, visiting all the memorials and museums and eating German food. Karin went to Gothenburg in the summer for a week, to participate in the Gothia Cup soccer tournament, which she’s done several years in a row. Liz did at least get to Copenhagen a couple of times with her friends to see some great theater!

We had a long roadtrip vacation in the summer which combined the good with the bad. We spent a week exploring Prague and then Vienna, before heading to Croatia to spend a week with Liz’s brother John and his family on the island of Krk. Alas, John ended up in the hospital on the very first day with acute pancreatitis (gallstones) and we didn’t get to see him hardly at all. We enjoyed our time as much as possible with Simone and the boys, but will be heading down to Germany the day after Christmas to try for another week together!

Martin is in the middle of his last year of high school, and will be graduating in June from the International Baccalaureate diploma program. He is still a little unsure of his next steps, but plans to get his driver’s license during the spring and summer and then look for a job. He wants to take a gap year before starting University, preferably in Canada or the US! He just turned 18, so we officially have 3 adults in the house. :)

Karin turned 16 during our summer vacation and started 10th grade at Polhemsskolan in Lund, the largest high school in Sweden. She is taking a double-program with Science (Physics) and NIU Soccer (the elite national sports development program) which she had to try out for. She continues to play soccer with her club in Södra Sandby and earns extra cash as a referee. She has also started practice driving.

Anders has been busy with his biking this year, building a single-speed from scratch and getting into mountain biking. He participated in Vättern Runt and has already signed up for Cyckel Vasa next year, which is mountain biking the famous Vasaloppet ski course. He bikes to work 1-2 days a week, even in the winter, a sure sign of Viking blood. He also did a lot of work in the yard this year, planting lilacs and fixing up the front garden.

Liz is taking a break from the AWC board this year and is glad for the downtime, though she continues to be active, especially with the book group and hosting activities like the jewelry swap/ shop and Pie Night. She has just signed up for a 17 week choir in Eslöv that starts the end of January, with a couple of friends from work. She is still enjoying her work at Axis and has taken on some more responsibilities during her boss’s maternity leave. In August, her old friend Debbie from high school in Germany came to visit over a weekend. More such visits from friends and family would be very welcome! :)

We are looking forward to 2016: a year full of celebrations! Martin will graduating from high school, Liz & Anders have their 20-year wedding anniversary and there are some big birthdays in Liz’s family, including her Grandma’s 100th! We are planning to spend a month in the US and are already working out the logistics and timing. Enjoy a happy, fun and safe holiday season and have a fantastic New Year!

Link to photos PDF: www.lizardek.com/lj_images/xmaspics_2015.pdf

Liz, Anders, Martin and Karin
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