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I met the coolest people today. It's so fun meeting cool people that know how to effortlessly keep a conversation going. She's an 80-year old painter that loves to play pool and throw parties and her husband is a hilarious Tolkien look-a-like (minus the pipe). Total sweethearts the both of them. I can't wait to see them again. And I sure hope I'm that cool when I'm that old!!

The weirdness that is LJ: I write about my life and what I'm doing and I get a few fun responses from my friends, or nothing and wonder if I accidently made the post private...but then, I'm bored at work and say so and I get over 25 comments! Great ones! You guys are crazy! Or else as bored as I was today >:) Obviously, it helps to give direct orders, ha ha!

I came home to what must be the cleanest house in the universe. It's actually sparkling. And it smells SO GOOD! Lemony fresh!

Martin's tooth is so loose that I can't brush his teeth, it freaks me out.

Tomorrow it's into the woods for us: Christmas tree hunting!


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