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What should one do with an extra week off at the tail-end of the holidays? Write a mile-long to-do list, of course. If you're me, which I'm guessing you are glad you are not, after hearing that. To be clear, my to-do list has things like "Watch Downton Abbey's Christmas episode" on it, as well as "iron clothes" so it's both things I want to do and things I need to do.

I've already crossed off 7 things and started two others. We denuded the trees of decorations yesterday and Anders chopped all the limbs off. Both trees were dry as tinder...if you ran your hand along a branch, all the pointy, rock-hard needles came zinging off like confetti. They'll be bagged and out tonight or tomorrow, but the packing of the ornaments usually takes me several days because it's not nearly as much fun to put them away as it is to take them out before Christmas.

Martin and I went to the bank today so he could get set up with all the things he needs to be an adult (at least at the bank). A real debit card, mobile BankID, and Swish. Now he just needs to get a job and start putting his own money in his account, haha! How long do you give kids allowance? Until they get a job? Until they move out? Until they turn 18? Heh.

Tonight was WW, my first meeting in two weeks and I was a bit worried about my results, since a week in Germany is fraught with pretzels and sausages and spaetzle. I did make good choices during our week away most of the time, however, and we DID go walking, nearly every day (one day for 5 hours!) and I only went up 0.3 kilos which will be a cinch to drop, so I'm quite pleased.

After reading the headlines online a bit ago, I realized why we had to show our passports when we came over the bridge to Sweden on our way home Saturday. The country is now checking identification at the borders to slow down the influx of refugees. Sweden and Germany have granted asylum to the most people to date. One of my colleagues is working quite a lot with the relocation efforts in Malmö and Simone is teaching German to refugee families in a nearby village.

I've downloaded the PDF to start on formatting my blog book for 2015 and I have plans to work on a cookbook later...which is kind of amusing to me since I don't actually cook all that much. I just think it will be fun to put together all our favorite recipes in one place. I want to be more creative this year than I've taken time to be in the past few...joining choir is one step, and I have several ideas percolating.

Onward into 2016!
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I'm a list writer like you are but mine are no-where near as ambitious, containing things like get dressed as a major milestone :)

You took down the tree before tjugondag Knut? I think the Christmas police will be around to fine you - ha, ha! But I do agree with you that it's no fun at all to pack away the decorations. I'll be facing that next week, like a good, obedient, law abiding Swede :)

Exciting times ahead for Martin and for you guys now he's 18 and all grown up. I don't know about allowances, but we still haemorrhage "loan" money to our lot and they are aged between 30 and 40. Just saying, Bank of Mum and Dad :)

I'm glad the WW news wasn't a disaster and that you are back on track. Often it's best not to stress over it week by week, but take a longer term approach and know how not to let it slip back into the red too much.

I've been reading about people being caught out with the "wrong" ID yesterday crossing from Denmark to Sweden. It's all been done in such a rush and at Christmas time when no-one is reading the news, so it's no wonder there are problems. I always take my passport with me, even in Schengen lands, just in case you meet some idiot on a power trip who wants to see it, even though you apparently don't need it.

Good luck on your 2016 projects. I love the idea of a cookbook and will be kereping an eagle eye out for that. Family favourites are often recipes I love the most.

I didn't take down the tree...we took down the FIRE HAZARDS. Swedes are safety-conscious before tradition, right?

Bank of Mom & Dad: sigh. yeah. I was afraid of that. I'm nearly halfway through my blog book formatting after just one day (and expect I'll be over half done by the time I go to bed, so cookbook next! :D

I bet you didn't undecorate as fast as these guys. Just a tip for petrol head Anders next year :)

Sorry about the bad news re kids and their permanent attempts at a cashectomy of your bank account. They have these grandkids to use as bribes, you see. Irresistable.

hah! Showed that to Anders and he just shook his head, though I think secretly he would totally do it. When you wrote "petrol head" I was thinking the link would take me here instead: Gävleboken brinner

From Megsie

I am excited that you have ideas percolating! YAY! That is exciting. I am procrastinating. Reading, lounging. The house is so quiet. I just want time to stop altogether~but SHOWER is first on my list, so I should get to it!

Yay for Martin! If I have money when my kids are older, I will probably continue the handouts. I am always appreciative from a few bucks from my mom!

Re: From Megsie

Percolating doesn't always equal action, in case you haven't been reading this blog closely. :P haha! My kids are still in their pajamas. Martin has only left the couch to eat, and Karin only to watch a movie in the living room. SLUGS

Week after

Tree here comes down Thursday. I need my living room back. although maybe I am thinking of building some new shelves and old Window cabinets to replace the bookshelf from Ikea...

Give Allowance? for forever. I think Mom is still paying me mine. need to check on that. I think it is good until you turn 50. Sarah?

0.3 Kilos. piece of cake. no really that is what a piece of cake weighs. Pretzels are 0.1 so it wasn´t the pretzels...

Think we did pretty damn good with Food. we eat like kings. well, we did, until Simone broke her leg. now we eat like Americans again. everything out of the package in to the pan. add water. boil until done.
I actually made Salad the last 2 nights, because Simone bought a ton just before she decided to attempt that triple loop at the Skatepark. Yum. Still tonight´s Soup could have used a Simone Super Soup2000 Maker instead of the pack I threw into the Broth made from powdered Vegie-tables. Yum.

Cookbook. not only amusing to you. I fell over laughing out loud FOLOL!!!
why not just call it a recipe book instead of a COOKbook. Besides, cooked books taste like boiled leather.

Percolate more. but Percolating might not be good for Barky. could have adverse effects.
Thanks for being here, does a body and mind good.


Re: Week after

Anders wants to leave the advent lights up but I'm thinking to take the rest down tomorrow. :) Mom is NOT paying you allowance, still. You're adopted.

Also, think you need to get your scale out. That's a pretty small piece of cake. :D

Recipe book it is, haha! Will you send me the recipe for the quinoa soup that we had while we were there???

Thanks for having us, we really enjoyed our time!!

What do you use to download your blog as a PDF?

You are always so productive -- I wish my lists were half as done as yours seem to be! :-)

I use to download it as a PDF, but then I format it myself (cutting and pasting) into my own template in InDesign.

:) Liz

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