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It's the last day of January and I've made it through the first month of the year and last week's crazy. More ahead, however...the fun never ends!

Our first choir practice was last Thursday and I came out of it positively bouncing. I knew I had missed singing but hadn't really realized how much until I was there. It was SO FUN! There are 2 choir leaders, a young woman who sings and leads and a young man who plays accompaniment on the guitar. They handed out printed sheets of lyrics, not sheet music, which was a little weird for someone who has been in choirs off and on my whole life. Even though I can't technically READ music, I can follow it and not even having that made it a little difficult. We're singing popular music though, so I can just listen to stuff on Spotify and learn it off by heart and then learn the alto parts as needed.

There are 19 people signed up for the choir this term and most of them were there, a mixed group of women in all ages. My friend Debbie was also excited about it as she also misses singing and might join. We started with three songs: Seasons of Love from the musical RENT, Royals by Lourde and Heal the World by Michael Jackson. And we are already scheduled for an Earth Hour concert in March!

We had bummer news this past week at work: no bonus this year. ARRGH! I was counting on that extra money for our plane tickets to the States for this summer. :( I'm having a bit of a panic attack about how we're going to afford all the big expenses this year: driving school for Martin, his graduation party, car repairs, and the trip to the US. I'm sure we'll figure it out, but I hate being anxious about money.

Anders is gone for a long weekend of skiing in the Czech Republic, but he said the snow is pretty crappy: mostly man-made and not that great. Everything we had here is melted completely and we're back above zero and into rainy boringness. I've gotten most of the things done that I needed to this weekend and had a nice dinner out with Debbie and Camilla last night. Now if I can just get through another full week of work with tons of meetings and so much to do. Why is it always crazy this time of year?
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