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I don't know if every company in Sweden offers their employees health check-ups, but ours does. They're every other year, fully covered by insurance. You can opt to take a stress test, in addition to the regular tests, and you get to see a doctor to consult about your results afterward.

My follow-up was today, and according to my results, I'm a very healthy horse. They checked hearing and sight, lung function, did an EKG, checked pulse, cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, kidney function, liver, metabolism and hemoglobin. Of course, they measure your weight and height, too.

The last time I had my check-up, I was told I was 158 centimeters, which was THREE centimeters taller than what I was told when I got my driver's license. And THIS time, I was 159. ANOTHER centimeter taller! What's up with that? I thought you were supposed to shrink as you age! Of course, a centimeter is only 0.39 inches, so altogether I am only an inch and a half taller than I thought I was, but still. An inch and a half! I could practically play basketball! :D

My weight, however, is another matter...we had the usual discussion with lots of "I know, I know" tacked on the end, but when I told the doctor that I've lost nearly 12 kilos since mid-September she was pretty impressed. I feel like I'm crawling down this current kilo, though. GAH. So slow. Can't imagine why, with all the birthday lunches and dinners out and seminar meals these past weeks. *sigh*

Still going in the right direction, at least, if not at a gallop. And nothing else to worry about, which is comforting!
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Always nice to get a clean bill of health:) And wow, 12 kgs since September is pretty darn good! Well done. Were you doing weight watchers or did I remember that wrongly? I'm sorry you hit a bit of a plateau, hopefully the stall will soon get moving again :)

yep, WW every week. Really slowed down since Christmas, so need to get motivated again. Still going down, but really slow right now...probably because it's been so cold and rainy I don't want to go out walking!


All that good health review - wonderful. You're on the right path....just keep walking....says the slug over here. Right now you've got better motivation than I have! Love, Lizardmom

haha! I don't know about that. And sick this weekend to boot. UGH.


Wonderful results. I think you should just stop focusing on your weight as such and just start to live healthier overall. Apparently you are doing something right with those great test results! :)

If you want weightloss it will come as a bonus of a healthier and more active Lifestyle. The real benefit will be in your increased energy levels and overall wellbeing both physically and mentally.

12 kg since september is DAMN good! That's a Little more than 2 kg per month - that is hard to match!

But just keep focusing on your good health and great test results to stay motivated. Weight will follow.



Yes, I know. I am not focusing on weightloss more than as part of an overall lifestyle change.

From Megsie

Great Work! Wow. You must feel great about that report! It is hard to go out in the rain. Or the snow! It is just hard for me to get out of bed in the morning. I am the ultimate slug.

Re: From Megsie

Been sick for 2 days, and it's VERY hard to get out of bed!! I am the ultimate slug, too!

Re: From Megsie

I have been sick too! Twins!

It sounds to me like all good news - you are working on the weight and are making progress! Congratulations! You didn't put on all that weight in a few weeks and it won't all come off in just a few weeks either. I'm telling myself the same thing as I struggle with my own medical news. I've got osteopenia and while this is not anything dangerous now, it could be later if it isn't addressed. Mega calcium doses are required, along with at least 4 days a week of weight-bearing exercise. I had been doing a couple of days a week at the gym....have to double it. I hate the gym. Upside of the increased activity is that I am finally beginning to slim down just a bit. I, too, find the business meals a huge challenge to healthy eating. Keep going! It sounds like you are on the right track.

I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis, that sounds like no fun at all. It sounds like you are on the right track, too. :)

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