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I'm working through my stupid cold. I took my last two Tylenol Night-time tablets and hit the hay at 8 p.m. last night. Hit the hay. Who says that? Who sleeps on a bag of hay anymore? Did you know that used to be literal? Going to bed was hitting the hay, or hitting the sack. Much more colorful than ...going to bed.

I felt like crap this morning when I got up but I have 2 short weeks now and I have too much to do to just fritter my working hours away, in the hay sack bed. Plus I hold our weekly Monday team meetings right now while my boss is gone, so I had this very inconvenient sense of obligation and responsibility. I figured I could go in, see how it went, hold the meeting and then go home if I still felt bad.

After lunch, inexplicably, I felt better, so I just stayed and continued working. Around 3 p.m. I started feeling shitty again but by then it was TOO LATE. I had to muddle through. I went straight to WW after actually working late (!) and then came home, ate dinner, finished my book and then sat down to blog so that you would know exactly how things are with me. I am conscientious both here AND at work, obvs.


I love that there are TWO abbreviations of a word that people are apparently too lazy to spell out. And it's only 9 letters long altogether. Too lazy for those 5 or 6 other letters, boo-yah.

I feel okay at the moment, if you were wondering. But, this whole not getting to go to the States for work once a year thing is playing havoc with my medicine cabinet. I am OUT of Tylenol Cold night-time. I am nearly out of Advil. Gah.

It was a very busy weekend, which may account for the coming down with a cold, again, even though I was JUST sick not even 2 weeks ago. Stupid cold. I have completely different symptoms this time around, so at least it's not the same thing, and so far, my stomach has not been affected, so that's a plus.

GOD, anyway.

Friday, we had Wonders. It was the first time all 5 of us have gotten together since almost exactly a year ago. We had a dinner in early June but 1 was missing, and Thanksgiving (which doesn't really count because it's not just Wonders) but 1 was missing there, too. Funnily enough, back in February the day after, I said it felt like a new start...which is what I kind of felt THIS weekend, too, but then it petered out, so.... We had a nice time and everyone got caught up, mostly, and it seemed like everyone was enthusiastic about committing again to our commitment, but well, you know, we'll see how it goes.

And Saturday, Anders and I went to the AWC's first Gala event: a Valentine's Day dinner and dance evening. I had very mixed feelings about it, but finally signed up because they were really struggling to get enough people. I'm not exactly a Gala gal, if you know what I mean. I talked Anders into it, and it helped that Barbara was in the middle of talking HER husband into it, because Anders said, "Oh, well, if Paul is going, then okay..." right about the same time that Paul was saying, "Oh, well if Anders is going, then okay..." Heh. Another friend of ours from work signed up too, so we knew we'd have fun at least, the six of us.

I actually went shopping for a new dress (with poor Martin in tow, because he needed jeans) and found something in a size I haven't been able to fit into for years, SCORE! It wasn't super fancy, but nice enough even though I casualed it down with leggings, because I am all about comfort, and I hate pantyhose with a white-hot passion. I borrowed a necklace that worked perfectly with the dress from my friend Debbie. Anders wore a suit and tie (red for Valentine's Day) and everyone else was dressed to the nines as well. The place was great, the food was excellent, and the band was really good. Motown/Sixties/Swing and everyone was dancing. There were 51 people there, total, but I only knew about 15 of them, as more than half were members of the other international club in the area, but all in all, I was quite pleased that it went so well, that Anders enjoyed himself and that the organizers did such a fantastic job. :)

Sunday I woke up to flowers, candy, AND jewelry for Valentine's Day, so that was extra nice! And today, at WW, I went down another half-kilo, bringing my total to -12.8 kilos so far (28.21 lbs). Boo-yah, indeed! A good start to the week. Now if I can just lick this stupid cold.

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