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Reading: The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

Eating: salmon and cream cheese omelette, with fried potatoes and kohlrabi

Singing: Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn

Listening: Geronimo by Sheppard

Editing: Main Dishes/Seafood

Drinking: really really cold ice water

Watching: Melodifestivalen

Waiting for: spring

Looking at: Instagram

Enjoying: my long weekend

Feeling: motivated but scattered

Finished: dealing with Martin's US passport renewal application

Buying: my own white flower necklace

Calling: my mom

Visiting: Anders' mom

Wishing: for a bonus

Wondering: if the snow is going to stick or not

Cleaning: the fish tank (haaaa!)

Playing: Two Dots

Paying: car repairs ...ugh

Writing: this post
mood: calm
music: Sheppard—Geronimo

From Megsie

I loved The Time Traveler's Wife. It was so weird, but so good. I think it was good because it was so weird. I am also a sucker for a love story.

Love your list! Now back to grammar. :(

Re: From Megsie

I loved it, too, the first time I read it. But it had been years, so I figured it was due for a re-read...took a while to get into it this time, but it's still good. I have never seen the movie...debating whether I should watch it now.


Especially love the "calling..." Love, Lizardmom

Not sure what time, though...we're going to Malmö in the afternoon. Or you could call me! :D

're: the fish tank. G went to a different pet store to get some water conditioner (we were told to add this each time we add new tap water) and talked to the guy about our gross algae problem. The guy said we leave the light on in the tank for too long. Three hours a day max (while we'd had it on for close to 12) and he said some people will even cover it for two weeks to get rid of the algae as it feeds off the light. We have left the light off this week and it's much better. Not totally gone but so much better.

huh. we have it on when we're home, which means all days on weekends and all evening during the week. There's not so much left for algae to grow on in our tank, and yet, there it is. ICK.

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