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It's been a bad week for healthy eating and portion control. No excuses, just not doing what needs to be done. Back on track mentally at least, though. *sigh*

Anders and I watched That Sugar Film last timely was that? Perfect to help with the kick to the backside I needed. I actually went and deleted two Instagram accounts that I'd been following, both of which were only photos of unbelievable desserts. Trying to stop the triggers wherever they are. It also made me re-think some of the purchases we make at the grocery store, especially juice. I stopped drinking fruit juice in September, but Martin drinks it like, well, water. I suppose if I don't buy it, he won't be able to drink it, right?

One observation from early on in the film: I turned to Anders and said, "It's really hard to take anything Australians say seriously" ...their accents are hilarious. I have several Australian friends here and mean no offense, but we both laughed. It's like southern American accents...all your focus goes to how it's being said and the authority of what is actually being said is sort of lost for awhile. We got used to it after a bit and then it was just English, but it was rather amusing at the beginning.

Martin is the last of us to be sick; we've all had flu symptoms (thankfully, not stomach flu) and head colds in the past couple of weeks including bouts with fever, chills and headaches. Martin has been sick and coughing all week along with the rest of the symptoms and late yesterday evening he asked me for some Advil for his headache. But after taking 2 pills, he told us that he felt like one was caught in his throat. Drinking didn't help, and he started retching and finally throwing up repeatedly. :(

Anders tried yogurt and bread. We gave him some Coke. Nothing worked, he felt like it was just stuck. He could talk and breathe but trying to drink made him retch each time. After a while, he calmed down and relaxed and and we got ready for bed, but Anders decided it was best to call the hospital helpline just to be sure. Martin had read on the packaging in between bouts of retching that it was bad if pills get stuck as they can cause esophagitis (burning the lining of the throat). But he said it didn't hurt, it was just uncomfortable.

Anders was on hold for nearly an hour trying to get through, and it wasn't until after midnight that he finally talked to a nurse. She said it was probably okay but if he still felt like there was something there that we should go in to the emergency room. UUUUGGGH. Anders had to work today so I got back up and checked with Martin and we headed on in as he still felt like the pill was there.

Since it wasn't a life-threatening emergency; i.e., he could walk, talk, breathe, etc., we were given the lowest priority. We sat there for an hour and a half before Martin decided it wasn't worth waiting for a doctor for anymore and we left, getting home just before 3 a.m. Guess who had the headache this morning? Me.

My mom called me yesterday to tell me that the prices on mailing packages have gone up so drastically that she can't afford to mail candy or small stuff to us anymore. It was over 50 dollars so she didn't send the little box of Advil and Easter candy she had prepared for mailing. GAH. I'm really bummed out because this really curtails care packages and I guess also means no more Christmas and birthday presents mailed from the US for any of us. Is it just me or is the world getting smaller and meaner and more limited and hard to deal with in too many ways?

I sort of don't want to go back to work tomorrow, even knowing it's only 3 days until the weekend arrives again. I could get used to short work weeks and long weekends. I'm supposed to be going out for dinner and possibly a movie with Debbie and Camilla this evening but neither of them has answered the texts about the plans, so now I don't know. Maybe I'll take a nap while I wait to hear.
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music: Agnes Obel—Brother Sparrow


My parents are coming in May on a cruise. So if there is anything small you need, they can totally bring it. They are bringing a lot of stuff for me. They have ready access to Target. Wal-Mart etc.

Might take you up on that if I can't get help from any traveling colleagues!! Thanks!

i have an unopened bottle of 500 "kirkland signature" ibupofen (bought at costco last year) if you want it! :)

australian must be the equivalent to norwegian. a norwegian can tell you their grandma died a horrible death and it just sounds like fluffly lambs hopping in a meadow. proper british english though will make anything sound serious and scientific....

Will totally buy that bottle from you if you really don't want it! Your description of Norwegian made me laugh :)

you must be kidding. u know how cheap that stuff is at costo, right? :) the bottle is yours for free as long as you come and get it. i'll take it to work with me so you can come over whenever it's suitable. (you still work in lund right?)

Deal! Send me your work address and tell me what day/time works best! I can definitely pick it up after work, usually after 4


Sölvegatan 25. Klinisk Patologi. Entrance by the big gold statue. Phone me 0708802328. Today or friday after 4 is good.

Great! Will come after 4 and call you... hope I can just pull up outside!!

Once the USPS went private their prices exploded. They have to make up for the deficit caused by email somehow. My sister in the US uses the international pre-paid mailing boxes. Maybe your mom doesn't know about these? They are terrific---you pay one price, not related to weight but size of box. And you can stuff all you want into it as long as it fits. We got a Christmas box last year stuffed to the gills with cake mixes, mexican spices, a pretty ceramic pie dish (that thing was super heavy!), and lots of candy. The box cost $60.00 but it was perfect to send all our gifts to us. Had she had to pay by weight, we would've ended up with a pair of earrings instead of all these wonderful goodies!

They're not going to get any customers at all if people refuse to pay their prices. Thanks for the tip on the pre-paid boxes, will make sure my family knows!

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