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The last time I felt this bad, I spent 2 weeks in bed, lost 5 kilos and ended up calling an emergency doctor to come check if I had pneumonia (I did). This is ridiculous. I've been sick on and off for THREE weeks. I've had every symptom you can attach a flu or cold label to, except vomiting, KNOCK ON WOOD. I managed to be up for an hour and a half today so far...showered, dressed, made the bed, emptied the dishwasher, started the laundry, ate lunch and then had to lay down because I was feeling so weak and shaky. Slept for 2 hours. Or rather dozed and tossed because I can't breathe so I have to keep turning to let one side of my face drain.

Am so glamorous!

I went to the doctor yesterday because yesterday morning when the alarm went off for work I could hear my lungs whistling. Never a good sign. And since I've had walking pneumonia at least 4 times before, I was pretty sure I recognized the sounds. The doctor listened to my lungs, and did a blood test and a blood oxygen test, which he said showed that it was viral and not bacterial. So, no antibiotics for me, since they do no good for viruses. He prescribed an inhaler to help with the cough and breathing and said if I didn't feel it was better by Tuesday to come back.

Taking bets that I will go back Tuesday because it's not better and get antibiotics THEN. Heh.

I wouldn't normally talk about this kind of stuff here but if I can't get a little sympathy from the Internet, then what is a blog good for?

One thing a blog is good for is cries for help. When I posted the other day about not being able to get Advil from the US thanks to the price hikes on international packages, one of my lovely online friends here offered me a big bottle of Costco ibuprofen. For free!! Wasn't that sweet? kejn, thank you so much! I would be much more miserable right now if it wasn't for you.

What else? Nothing really. Martin and Karin are also sick with the dregs of the cold bug. They've both been on spring break this week, though Martin spent most of it coughing, sleeping and studying. Karin was out and about a bit more, as per usual, even going so far as to spend the day yesterday in Gothenburg (3 hours away) just for the hell of it.

Work has been insane and we were very short-staffed during last week; only 2 out of 5 of us in the office most days. When I went back to work on Wednesday after my long weekend break, we had received 160 job request tickets in those 4 days I was gone. And 82 of them were still unassigned. One of my colleagues commented that "this is what the helpdesk actually looks like when Liz isn't here." I would have laughed if I wasn't so busy trying to catch up. Oh well, at least I have the laptop with me in case I need to work from home, but I had better be better by Monday, dammit.
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