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It's the first of March already, you guys! *boggle*

Is there something you're supposed to do on the first of March? Is this the month you're supposed to say "Rabbit, rabbit"? I can't remember and I can't be bothered to google it. Do you suppose it counts if you write it instead of saying it out loud? Do you suppose it gets Google's goat when people use google as a verb? Do you suppose Google even has a goat?

Can you tell I'm still a little light-headed from this cold?


I have nothing to write about, having been sick on and off for far too long and laid out by this cold over the weekend again. I went to work for half a day yesterday because I had meetings, but went home at lunch. Today I stayed home (and yet worked), but I feel like I should be back to normal tomorrow...knock on wood.

The only thing of note that I have to impart is that I went to WW yesterday (despite being sick, that's how dedicated I am) and I had lost 2 kilos! Being sick is good for something, y'all! It was especially pleasing since last week I had gone UP for the first time since Christmas. But I took that right back down and then some, so I was pretty stoked. That's -14.2 kg altogether. -31.30 lbs. Woot! That's practically a goat!

Now back to your (my) regularly scheduled sneezing, coughing and nose-blowing.

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music: Martin's Anno game


I am thrilled for you 31+ lbs is huge! My doctor told me earlier this week that I have to lose 5 lbs in the next 4 mos - I replied that I would lose 10- but she said just 5 is enough! Not really.....but all I have to do is move! (my body, that is). Love, Lizardmom

I need to move my body, too. Being sick and this crap weather has not been conducive to motivation for exercise!

Wow, impressive! Just think when the weather is glorious and you can be outside more. Go, Liz!

From Megsie

I have been so busy at work, that I haven't had my reading time. I am so sorry that you have been so sick. That is no fun and kind of irritating. I really hope that you got some medicine on Tuesday and are feeling better now. I also hope that Martin is okay, with the vomiting and stuck advil! Why is there no Advil there? Doesn't Advil know that they could be in business there too? I thought the world was smaller than that I guess. Wouldn't the Swedes like the Advil? I can't live without it. Okay, enough with the advil. You are amazing for losing over 30 lbs! WOW! That is not easy, and I am in awe of you~xoxoxo

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