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It's pouring rain. The kind of sullen, grey, relentless rain that keeps you inside no matter how much you have to do. Which means, unless it clears up in the next 3 hours, which is doubtful considering the depth and quality of the mass of clouds above us, we won't be out in the wood finding the perfect Christmas tree to grace our home. :(

And if we don't get our tree today, I don't know when we can get it!! I have 2 concerts tomorrow afternoon, and by the time I get home, it will already be getting dark. I don't want to wait so long to get our Christmas tree up, because I believe they should go up earlier than later and come down within a reasonable time and I want to enjoy my tree for as long as I can.

Last year, this time, there was snow on the ground. The year before that, this time, there was so much snow on the ground we were building snow forts and snow men and snow lamps and cursing the need to shovel yet again. A little snow now would be most welcome. Everyone up north has been having snow for's not fair!! grump

I slept in like a child-free woman today. Anders got up at 8 to feed the kids and left at 9:15 for hockey. They've been playing quietly since and I couldn't bring myself to get up, so lay and dozed for almost two more hours. What luxury!
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Same crappy weather here. And I had hoped to go to a julmarknad (pouting). But we put up our (plastic) tree last night so I'm enjoying how mysig our apartment is!

Happy Lucia!

See what a difference a few miles make. We had a light snow this morning, which has turned into quite a heavy snow with temps just hovering below 0C. We went out to the mall to get our DVD player and braved the bus back and now have decided there is no more need to go outside for the rest of the week-end.

sigh. the green monster is eating me alive.

Hmmm...I hope you get to get your tree soon! Sounds like that's a fun tradition with your kids.

I'm in the Chicago suburbs, and we've got almost no snow here either. It's just a tiny dusting right now...not enough to even make anything look pretty.

Good for you for sleeping in! Sounds heavenly. That's something I worry about when I think about having kids. I don't know if I will be able to handle the not even sleeping when I want to thing. Sigh. I guess I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

I hope so, too! We're going to try and go tomorrow early, but Anders has a kid party at 12:15, and the place opens at 10, so we'll see. I have to leave at 12:30 for the first of my concerts, they're right in a row. If we don't get the tree tomorrow, we'll probably have to wait until next weekend, aagh! :(

Sleeping becomes a HUGE issue when you have kids, no matter what. :) It's always rough in the beginning, because of getting up several times in the night to feed the baby, but thankfully that part (usually, unless you get a Karin) is done with quickly. Martin slept through the night after 1 month, so it can be done. But they DO get up early, that's for sure. Although 8 a.m. is MUCH better than 6 a.m. which is what it was for awhile when they were really little. :)

We bought an artificial Christmas tree about 10 years ago when my younger brother was diagnosed with allergies. Christmas tree = mold. I really like our fake tree. The only real hassle is dragging it down from the attic.

Concerts? Are you a musician?

I just can't bring myself to get a fake tree, and we have so much fun hunting for the perfect tree in the pine groves (specially grown for xmas trees, of course). I know it probably would be much less hassle,'s such a fun tradition!

I'm a singer, singing in a women's choir at the moment. I used to sing a LOT, even did a short recording back in Chicago a million years ago, but have been out of it for longer than I care to think about. Just finally took the plunge and added choir practice to an already overloaded schedule and it was well worth it. :) Christmas season = lots of concerts!

I used to play flute and I know how crazy winter can get. I was in the school band, the county orchestra, and my flute teacher's flute choir so I'd be running around like a maniac in December. Also one spring all 3 groupswere playing "Stars and Stripes" forever and I had to learn the piccolo part in two different keys. Because that part isn't hard enough to learn on it's own.

haha! that reminds me of the year in high school when I was in THREE choirs and each one was singing a DIFFERENT version of that Christmas carol "Hark hear the bells, sweet silver bells..." I've blocked out the trauma finally.

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