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Karin got her ears pierced today...there goes my dream of third generation virgin lobes! :D ...haha! I actually don't know if my grandmother has pierced ears...if she does, then I am the third generation and Karin's destroyed the dream for fourth. She's been wanting to get her ears pierced for several years and I had told her she had to wait until she was 15. It's not that I really care about whether or not she has pierced ears but I think body alterations should be made as your own decision when you are adult enough to know what you are about.

Then when she was 15 she got mad at me because I wouldn't pay for it. Heh. You want pierced ears, kid, pay for it yourself. Just think of all the money I have saved over the years on all the earrings I haven't bought! Sad, really, because earrings are pretty. I just couldn't be bothered. Anyway, she's got little diamond studs and I expect she'll be wearing her hair pulled back from her face for weeks. She's getting her beauty spot removed next week, too, which I'm kind of sad about, even if I understand why; it's a very large mole and the kind that could be dangerous later on if it grows. I think it gives her face character and it's not obtrusive, since it's right next to her ear, but I get it.

We are down to ONE fish. The second to last fish died this morning...I knew he (she? it?) was going because he was getting all skinny and deformed and bent over, just like an elderly fish should, and then he sank to the bottom of the tank and stayed there for 2 days, only making an effort when I put food in. I feel bad for the little last fish. He's a red nosed Tetra and you know Tetras are group fish...they're only happy in schools of Tetras, and not only is he ALL ALONE but there is nothing in the tank for him to amuse himself with or hide behind or anything. Just gravel and algae. But still! ONE FISH! I wonder how long we will have him? You know, it was at least three years ago that I said I wasn't going to replace these fish when they died. THREE freaking years. At least. Fish live forever.

We are getting started on stuff that needs to be dealt with, namely, Martin's graduation party. I have delegated booking the tent, tables, chairs and motorcycle-with-sidecar to my husband. I am handling catering, invitations, the baby picture poster, ordering the graduation hat, and making sure Martin has a suit and shoes. We wrote the list of people to invite the other day and there are 61 people on the list. There would be more but I know my first family won't be coming, so there's that. We will be celebrating him in the States, too, though, so it's all good.

61 people! Well, we have 48 coming on Friday for PIE NIGHT, so 61 ought to be a breeze. Yay, Pie night! We are making 2 taco pies and 2 fruit pizzas (one with chocolate and one without, for Karin). I am 0.2 kilos away from having gone down 15 kilos...wondering if Pie Night will squash the dream, haha!

I also went with Martin to a driving school and got the info on course and prices and about had a heart attack. I knew it was going to be expensive, but GEEZ FREAKING LOUISE. $100 a lesson!! He has to schedule an appointment with a teacher to be evaluated and then they will make a recommendation on how many lessons he needs. I'm guessing a lot. Even though we have practice-driven with him for over 2 years, we've been pretty lackadaisical about it and there is some stuff we can't teach him (like how to drive a stick, since both our cars are automatic).

It's all making me panic about money, since what with all the major expenses right now and the fact that I'm not getting a bonus, I'm a little worried about how we're going to get it all paid for. Car repairs, more car repairs, the graduation party/present, driving school, airline tickets for the four of us to the States, the actual money we spend while IN the States, and a very expensive replacement part for our dryer. Karin paid for her own ear piercing, though, so there's that.
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