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We had a lazy long weekend and now I'm having a busy week. It's making my second short week feel longer, because there's so much in it. Wah wah wah, here comes the Wahmbulance, as my brother would say.

I might have mentioned in a recent post how anxious I was feeling about money...all these big expenditures we have right now is making me panic a bit. We had several huge car repair bills, still have a few to pay and car service coming up, Martin's graduation party, our tickets to the US, driving school, plus some busted appliances ...EEK.

BUT! Things have eased a little bit, at least. After perusing several catering options for Martin's party, we found a good one in a nearby village, recommended by one of Anders' colleagues. We haven't actually tasted the food, but it's fairly simple so we expect it will be fine. Plus it was nearly 50 kronor cheaper per person than nearly every other place we priced. Score! We still have to decide about desserts, and Martin and I are going to the café here in Flyinge on Friday to talk to the owner about cakes. If she doesn't work out, we have another option to check, or we can just have the dinner caterer do something simple like mousse and/or pannacotta. And today I talked to my printer guy and he offered to do the student poster for free. YAY! So nice!

The washing machine and the dryer, both of which were on the verge of breakdowns, have been staved off by ordering some replacement parts, though the one for the dryer was damned spendy. I am really glad we didn't have to replace the entire thing, though!

But the best part was that we got our tickets to the States for July at much less, nearly 10,000 SEK less (!) than I was expecting to spend AND with Lufthansa who are usually in the top most expensive airlines. VERY happy about that, though I've yet to hear whether my brother has succeeded in getting THEIR tickets. He was freaking out because the first time he checked prices, all he could find were tickets for $6000 (!!!) for the four of them. Karin immediately got on Momondo and started hunting better prices for him. We finally found that he had to either 1) move his dates or 2) move his destination. If he moves his dates and goes to Michigan earlier than we will, then my mom won't come to the East Coast with us (SUCK!). But at least he and his family will be there when we arrive in Michigan. We still have to figure out tickets back from Detroit to Boston (since our trip from Sweden is roundtrip to Boston, 2 hours from my sister) but we'll do that with one of the next paychecks.

We're planning a week with my sister in Avon, Connecticut and our good friends Kathey & Russell are joining us for most of that week: hurray! We've planned at least a day in NYC and a day in Boston and are now talking about what else we want to do (and what we want to do while in those two cities). Then we'll have three weeks in Michigan to visit family, friends and hang out. I can't wait!

Still to do: print and send the party invitations, design the poster, confirm the tent/table/chairs rental, hire a couple of Karin's friends for helpers, deal with decorations, decide on graduation present, figure out how to pay for graduation present, check whether Martin can use the suit he has or if we have to buy a new one along with good shoes.

If you can't guess, my recipe book project was put on the back burner. All I have left to do are the illustrations, and I've started those but it's slow going. Plus I've already got 2 more new recipes that I wish I had waited for. Doh! Cookbooks are never done, I guess. :D

Yesterday was the annual AWC media sale. It was kind of a bust for me: I didn't buy anything, though I did manage to get rid of half a bag of books. We had a fairly low turnout: only 18 people, and most of those didn't bring books to sell. There were also several people who didn't come at all, who usually do, because they didn't want to carry their books in to town only to have to cart their unsold items home again. Most years we are able to donate all our leftovers to a local international school who has a book sale in April. And I've always kindly offered to haul the leftovers for the club. But this year, the school moved up their sale to early March and refused our donations as "too early for next year, sorry". I didn't want to bring home a carload of books that I would have to hang on to for a year, either, or figure out how to unload them somewhere (partly because I think it's someone else's turn to deal with this, honestly!). No one figured out another alternative so the board was left with the option to tell people they had to take back what they didn't sell. Oh well, there's always next year, and I'll definitely convince the board to move up our sale if we can coincide with the school's by doing so.

Tonight I had a hair appointment and tomorrow is choir, after a break for Easter, so looking forward to that. :) And then it's Friday again already! Yippee skippy!
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From Megsie

I am so happy about your plane tickets! And all the other "deals" that you have found! Whew! I hope you find some other deals as you go and that the money woes ease a bit. It sounds like you have been busy, but productive! Woot!

Re: From Megsie

Me, too! And yes, busy as a bee! :D

As usual, I had to lie down after reading your "to do" list. Woman, where do you get your energy from?

How great that you got a good deal on the plane tickets, given that it's a popular time to travel in the northern hemisphere - I do hope everything gets sorted with your brother's times as well, so you can all be there together. You must be so excited.

I can't believe that Martin is doing studenten - it only seems like the other day when he was a young boy. It was a whole new thing for me as we don't do high school graduations in Australia. I feel for you trying to avoid the total cashectomy that it involves these days. We haemorrhaged money each time, with demands for limousines, presents, party, trips etc. Fingers crossed that it's good weather for you.

A recipe book is never finished - you'll have to be like the old encyclopaedias and put out an annual addendum.

Well, I laid around all weekend before, so I really had no excuse for not getting things done this week! And no plans for this coming weekend either, hurray! (except that Anders is leaving for China for 2 weeks and then Italy for 2 weeks, UGH)

I can't believe Martin is about to graduate either. CRAZY.

If you all feel like coming down to the CT shoreline while you're visiting your sister, let me know. I don't know how many of you total there are or ages of your sister's kids but G gets a mess of free passes to Mystic Seaport.

Planning any college tours for Martin and Karin while you're here? ;-)

Will definitely let you know and the beach is a sure bet for at least one day, though I don't know where yet. And we might definitely be interesting in touring Trinity as it's one of the colleges we looked at (though it was really out of our price range)...I don't suppose you know anyone who would be there in July who could provide full scholarships as an incentive to Martin to go there? haha!

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