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Elisabeth Shaw 70% dark chocolates

The fact that Karin just came in and asked if she could make kolakakor right now


Singing again

That people feel they can confide in me

Barky: purple! plum! auburn! gorgeous!

Blackbird songs in the yard

Fresh new spring leaves on the columbine under the front window

Every Diana Wynne Jones book ever written

That I figured out how to get my comments to show on June's blog FINALLY

That I didn't end up addicted to nose spray this week

Hugs when I need them

You. Did you know I love you right now this minute?
mood: cheerful
music: Katherine Crowe—Dragons Den

From Megsie

Oh, my gosh! I love YOU right now, right this minute! And I am SO HAPPY that you show up at June's. YAY! I have never read any of Wynne Jones' stuff. Hmmmm. Summer is coming! Oh, plus? No picture re: Barky?


RE: From Megsie

I bet your kids have read her! And if they haven't, get them some STAT!

oooh, thank you! (...assuming you still love me in the morning) ;-)

Always! 😄

We always love you, Liz!

What a lovely, infectious post. You've really caught Spring Fever! Even Miss Sophie is glad.

To add to your book list: I have just finished reading the most beautiful book: Heft by Liz Moore. Wonderful - I think you'd like it.

Hoverdog! Going now to check out the book!

Pictures of Barky! We need pictures!

Haha! Maybe!


Does purple! plum! auburn! -refer to coloring? or a beautiful scarf tied around your head or neck? If it's the first- I'd better see a photo stat! Love, Lizardmom

I've tried to capture the color in a photo but so far, no luck!


Must be meant to be, that I would read your post and be the first to post a comment! Do you know who this is? Mary Ann aka Joy from Ms. Flamingo! Long time, huh?

Since I stopped blogging (lost my password) I have been to TN and back. Lived there SIX years! Happy happy hqppy to be back in WI.

Love your blog and needed to come visit. Finally! :D

Welcome back!


Okay, on the page I clicked on to respond, I saw no list of comments. Silly me. I thought that meant something! ;)

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