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Invitations are printed, folded, stuffed, addressed and ready to go to the post office for stamps. Anders confirmed today that the tent, tables and chairs are reserved. I've started the design for the student poster (very important item here in Sweden, apparently). The list seems to be endless and Martin just informed us that he's planning to go to prom as well. He paid for the tickets today (1000 kronor!). AAAAAAGH.

His suit is out on the table for trying on and then we have to see what's next. I keep feeling like I'm forgetting something important.

Graduation is a big deal in the US but I think it's a bigger deal here. Taking "studenten" is a massive undertaking...for the parents. (Martin would so be rolling his eyes right now if he was reading this). No tassels and robes or class rings or yearbooks, though. What am I missing? He doesn't get his diploma until sometime after the summer and they don't have a ceremony here like they do in the States. At least not the same way. They have an "utsläpp" where they release the students from school and they all coming leaping out of the door at once.

I bought new throw pillows for the sofa in the living room yesterday. They are striped with dark chocolate brown, turquoise and gold. I love them. They make the whole room look new. The old pillows are still in relatively good shape, but they need to be freshened up.

And my brother got his tickets for his trip to the US so now we are sure that ALL of us will be there! Hurray!
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From Megsie

Great news about your brother!! Woot!

The studenten does sound like a LOT, but I am sure it is evened out here somehow. You seem to be on top of it, and the big things are checked off already! Hooray!

Re: From Megsie

I don't know about evened out...until we are old and Martin has to take care of US, haha!

We don't have high school graduations in Australia, so I was somewhat bemused by them when I first came here. There's no doubt that they are expensive, so I wonder how some of the poorer families pay for it, as there is immense peer pressure to be part of it all. Even when The Swede's daughter did hers in 2004, with the champagne breakfast, the limousine ride, the drive around town in the hired float, the family party, the reception and graduation clothes, it was well over 20,000SEK. Then she wanted an expensive present as well! Maybe it makes more sense if you are brought up with it.

I hope it all goes well. You sound as though you've got it all under control (I'm imagining that you have a huge list) - fingers crossed that you get lovely, sunny weather for the big day.

Great that John got his tickets organised - summer holidays are just around the corner.

I wish they would come quicker!


You're always well organized- so I would be very surprised IF you forgot anything. But, you could always ask Anders, or Mariato check it! :) The pillows sound lovely. It's great to update a room with something so simple! Love, Lizardmom

Haha! I was wondering who Mariato was.


okay...missed the space key, AGAIN!

In the case of G's family, I always thought it was such a big deal because no one else went on to college so it was the end of schooling, and not just the end of high school. I am relieved we don't have that tradition here because there wouldn't be any way we could pull off that kind of blow out. I am impressed by all of your preparations!

Well, that's definitely a point for a lot of people here. Many kids start working right out of high school if they did a vocational line.

I think there must be some sort of regional factors as well (as usual). It's a big deal up where I live, but on a much smaller scale. I can't imagine any sort of 20.000-crown blow-out happening up here (thank god!). I mean, it's surely happened, but it's far from the norm.

You should be very glad of that with all your kids! :D

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