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Suddenly it's been nearly 2 weeks since I posted. How does that happen?? Anders got home from China on Friday, he leaves again super early tomorrow morning for Italy, but will be home next weekend as well.

I just looked out the window and over across the way are three tall pine trees, each one with a dove perched at the highest branch, all facing into the wind. :D It's quite cloudy and the wind is racing the clouds along. I was hoping for a nicer, sunshiny day today but looks as if I'm being foiled again. *sigh* ...where is spring? The bird cherry is blooming and buds are everywhere, but it is still chilly and raw-feeling.

Martin is officially done with classes and now has 2 weeks of intense studying before his 2 weeks of exams. He has something like 15 exams in 11 days the first two weeks of May. Then he is done until the official graduation day. His graduation cap arrived yesterday and fits perfectly.

Karin and I deep-cleaned the big bathroom yesterday and I've been doing the usual weekend cleaning and laundry. Another busy week ahead with WW on Monday plus baking for my hosting book group on Tuesday, then choir on Thursday. Karin has rehearsal on Monday and filming all day Friday.

I've started pulling together tax papers and info but just discovered I'm missing my W2 for some reason, so have to talk to HR tomorrow to find out where it is. Then I have to start gathering info for the FBARs: SUCK. Here we go again.

Reading: Moonscatter by Jo Clayton
Watching: Orphan Black Season 4 (!), Outlander Season 2 (!) and soon Game of Thrones Season 6 (!)
Eating: seedless red grapes YUM YUM
Most recent movie: Brooklyn (so good!)

Anders just replaced the soap control panel in the dishwasher and cleaned it thoroughly, and I'm about to start cleaning in the kitchen...every cabinet! Every drawer! Fridge! Freezer! Oven... GAH.

Okay, over and out with my scinctillating life.
mood: busy
music: Tegan & Sara—U-turn


Never, ever boring!

I know what you mean about the lack of spring feeling. It's cold, wet and foggy here for the third day in a row and I'm tired of the chill and wanting a sunny day so everything can flower. No sign of the cherry trees flowering here just yet, but a few hardy daffodils are making a valint effort to defy the weather.

I can't believe that it's so close to graduation for Martin. How exciting for all of you, but especially him as he makes his way out into the world.

Cleaning? What is this foreign concept you spoeak of?

Our taxes are done. Just the pain of paying them a hunk of cash remains. At least I don't have the whole FBAR thing to deal with as well. I know a few expat Americans who are in BIG denial about the implications of ignoring the FBAR and FATCAT regulations, although I understand it because it seems a royal pain in the neck. Still, I know I like to sleep at night.

We also loved the film Brooklyn. Also liked the new Jungle Book.

I loved Brooklyn and related to it on many levels. A beautiful, tender story.

In true procrastinator fashion, I'm doing my taxes today. Thanks to a holiday in DC I scored an extra couple of days to get it done. Good luck to Martin, though I'm sure he will do well.

From Megsie

I am so glad you posted today. I needed a break. I have been grading All. Day. and I am so in need of it to be done! I have FOUR more stacks. FOUR. That is it! But UGH, I so don't want to do it. I have a long list of TO DO after I am done with that as well...grammar class from hell, and I have to read the assignment that we will discuss tomorrow in that class that I TEACH you know, that one...and I have to write a quiz for that assignment. We are reading Americanah, and I am loving it, but UGH. I am tired.

We skipped spring altogether. It was 27 on Thursday and then it turned into 80 and it still is. I am glad it is windy because I have my windows open and I don't need to turn the AC on. That is over-kill in April!

Good luck to Martin and to Karin and her acting! And good for you deep cleaning. I am putting that off...still. :)


The weather is nice this week -in the mid 70*'s today. I did get outside and raked a section of the backyard and picked up 2 cartfuls of treefall! Tomorrow I'm having a bonfire! With the amount of wood -maybe it will last all day!Hugs and love, Lizardmom

Good to hear your news! Livejournal was very quite for a bit too long!

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