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My Uncle Sam died yesterday morning, before my mom could even get on the road. She called me at work and I couldn't leave right away as I was waiting for Karin, so had to try really hard to stifle myself a bit so that people didn't get concerned and make it worse by being nice to me. I'm so sad. This is the second time in the space of a year that a close relative has passed away and I can't get home to be with my family. GAH.

It's sunny and beautiful today, a bite in the air, but warming up, and huge fluffy clouds holding still in the sky. Posers. Martin is running a 5K race in Skryllegården right now. It's the last thing he has to do for his CAS requirement for IB, apart from writing two reflections on his achievements to hand in this week. I'm so glad that part is over. We are going to dinner over at our friend's Barbara & Paul tonight, so I need to try and put a cheerful face on.

Late Evening Conversation
Liz: What is killer whale in Swedish?
Martin: Späckhuggare*.
Liz: Späckhuggare? What? That makes no sense.
Martin: Well, why do they call them killer whales? They never kill anyone!
Liz: They kill lots of things! Just not people.
Martin: They don't call us killer monkeys.
Liz: Well, they ought to.

We have baby lilacs coming behind the garage. Anders planted them last fall and we were a little unsure if we'd get flowers this year, but at least a couple of the bushes have buds. The bird cherry in the backyard exploded last week and every morning when I wake up, and look out the window I think it's snowed overnight. The ground in the woods near the snail trail and in Kungsgård is carpeted with wood anenome so it looks like there's snow on the ground as well. Only it's not! It's flowers!

*Späck in Swedish is "lard". Huggare is "cutlass". Don't ask me.
mood: sad
music: Jann Arden—What About Me?


Oh Liz, I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle. What an awful shock that it all happened so quickly and without the chance to say goodbye. It's absolutely times like this that it is hard to be so far away from family, friends and those you need to hug close. Sending love to you all during this sad time ♥ ♥

We have sunshine today, but gosh it's cold at only 2°C, with a biting north wind blowing. Where's my heat? Stop hogging it all and send some northwards! Our lilac bushes have only the tiniest bit of green buds - it seems to be taking forever. Or maybe I'm just impatient.

I can well understand both the Swedish and English name for an orca. Killer whale is very appropriate as they are whales and formidable hunters. In Swedish, späck is blubber (and yes, they have plenty of that to keep them warm) and huggare is also someone that chops at things (like a stonemason is a Stenhuggare and a woodsman is a Vedhuggare). I guess it was the nearest they could get to CHOMP! :-)

Thanks for your kind words, Marie. And thanks for the message about the error in the post. I think I've fixed it, now.

Our sunshine is rapidly disappearing and the temps are dropping. There are huge grey rainclouds hovering and moving in. Anders has been cleaning windows on the outside of the house, but I think he's giving up now.

Huggare! I knew it meant chopper! I wonder why that translation didn't come up when I was checking. Drrr.


Yes, it looks all fixed now. And I can see the second picture of bird cherry blossoms. They're beautiful! I can't wait until they start here and we head to that magical time mellan hägg och syren which is always so beautiful.

Anders, the jinx! You shouldn't wash windows - it invites rain :-)

CHoP! CHOP! CHOP! I always remember that meaning because we talk a lot of Swenglish in this house and when L-G asks for a hug, he usually gets karate chops instead :-)

Those chomping teeth are really something else. Don't be fooled by that friendly smile

It was gonna rain anyway, and the windows needed washing SO BAD. We still have to do the inside, though, but I don't know if he'll hinna med before he has to leave again for Italy.

i'm sorry for your loss. :(

So sorry to read about your uncles passing, I'm so sorry for your loss. It is hard not to be able to be with family during these times. *hugs*

I love how everything is coming to life outside. I'm eagerly awaiting the blossom on our appletree - although I worry a bit too as the weather is so strange and we're having heavy hailstorms and I just hope it won't ruin the blossom:(

Sorry about your uncle. It seems like you really did have no time to process the news that he was ill. What a shame.

I'm sorry to read about your uncle, so sad. :-(

I like cutlass having some correlation to whale. My Grandma had an Oldsmobile Cutlass and that car was as big as a whale.

From Megsie

Oh, I am so sorry about your Uncle. Loss is so hard. I am holding you close to my heart and wishing you peace. xoxox

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