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Weekends just go too damn fast. No matter how relaxed I try to be about them, they zip right by. Here it is Sunday evening already. Sigh.

Sweden is being very Sweden-spring-like right now. We've run the gamut of weather today: sun, clouds, rain, snow, hail, wind, back to sun. The hail came pounding down and was bouncing off the grass. Martin took a video for me.

I took the last little fish over to the neighbor's today and left it there...in a bowl. Turns out they don't have an aquarium full of little tropical fish...they have a huge aquarium full of rather large, dangerous fish: a mini-shark, a giant angelfish, etc., who Jessika said would consider our tiny Tetra as a snack. She said her brother has an aquarium with little fish so maybe he would be willing to come get it. I hope so, but now it's no longer my problem (unless she brings him back, in which case, he will live in a flower vase or something) because I have already emptied the fish tank.

All the gravel has been cleaned and is drying on the counter, prior to being bagged and stored. I will clean the tank itself this week, hopefully and scrape it thoroughly. Then Anders will move the whole shebang back up to the attic. Maybe the kids will want an aquarium some day. It's sort of sad, but I'm glad to not have it weighing on my conscience.

Did my U.S. taxes today and was disturbed to realize that because of the exchange rate, I made nearly $12,000 less than I made last year, even though my salary in Swedish kronor was approximately the same. Having to file U.S. taxes is so aggravating. I still have to do FBARs but I have until the end of June for that. We actually have tax bills for BOTH kids this year, even though it's like a dollar that they owe. It's something to do with their savings funds, Anders told me, as I couldn't figure out why either of them would owe taxes to begin with.

I can't wait until the stupid U.S. election is over with. I can't take much more of this level of completely idiocy. It's making the idea of renouncing citizenship slightly more palatable, I can tell you. Especially if the unthinkable happens and Americans actually elect Trump. Please tell me that won't happen. Please?

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