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It has been an absolutely perfect long weekend. I have been mostly offline and that's been kind of nice, too. The weather has been breathtaking: spring in all its glory: warm, sunshiny, blue sky beauty. I have magnolia envy and tulip envy and forsythia envy and spirea envy. My hostas are coming up. My columbine is huge and nearly ready to flower. The lilacs behind the garage are on the verge of bursting into bloom. The cherry tree is covered in baby cherries...I mean, white flowers.

I read a good book. I took naps. I repotted all the house plants and emptied 7 pots of plants that were scraggly and sad. I defrosted the freezer, but I didn't get around to cleaning the fridge (next weekend). I watched the latest episode of Orphan Black. I watched Blackfish, a depressingly sad but extremely thought-provoking documentary about the orcas at SeaWorld. I got up early and gave presents to my husband, whose birthday is today. I went out to lunch with the AWC for American Mother's Day and I called my mom, whom I miss dreadfully.

And I relaxed. And I thought about how I really could use another 4 days like this. At least.
mood: relaxed
music: dogs barking, bees buzzing, sneezing


It sounds like a lovely weekend - it's how I want to spend my whole life (except for the defrosting freezer bit - frost free all the way, baby!)

If you're looking for a good book, I've just finished Caroline Overington's The One Who Got Away. It's so, so, so, so, good. Seriously. Read it (as I desperately need to talk with someone about the ending).

Hrm...either the author or the title isn't right. I can't find a book by that name, by that author...

It shows up for me here.

Weird, it didn't come up for me when I searched by title or author together!

That's because I'm special, Liz :-)


I just finished this book, I was a bit shocked at the end too.. Perhaps even confused??


I relate to a free day- did that yesterday- but I think today woould count also - since the only "work' I did was to empty the fridge and water plants. Loved chatting with you and the kidlets (does this description still apply?)! Love, Lizardmom

that counts! and yes, of course! They will always be kidlets :D

From Megsie

Sounds like spring is springing at your house! Lilacs are blooming here, and crab apples. Tulips have been up for a while, and it was warm this weekend, so they may be on their way out. It is rainy and chilly today, though. My toes are cold, but I am refusing socks. What book did you read? Finals week here. I am taking a break from grading all day with tons more to go, but the end is in sight! Thank the Lord.


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