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I have rubbed my eyes so much and so hard in the last week that I'm seriously starting to wonder if I could damage my eyes (yes) or have permanent bloodshottiness (probably). I just googled the dangers of rubbing your eyes and scared myself silly. Stupid allergies. I am taking medicine and liberally dousing my eyes with Visine and yet: OH GOD THE ITCHING. IT ITCHES. AAAAAAAA!!!!

It's so bad that there is literally only about an hour or so that I have mascara or make-up on before I arrive at work. By lunch it's all gone even though I refrain from rubbing my eyes at work, because AAAAAAAAA!!! It's torture. Then I spend the rest of the work day looking swollen and teary and haggard. Nice!

Martin has taken 11 of his 15 exams. He's finished 4 subjects. Martin says he wants to die a little bit less for every test he takes.

Pfft. What a baby.

It's been a gorgeous week but I've been so busy at work that I haven't been enjoying much of it (what I can see of it through my red, irritated eyeballs). Haven't made it out for a walk at lunch except once. Haven't made it out for a walk after work except once...once I came home and promptly fell asleep for 2 hours and once I worked until 5:30 and then came home and did stuff around the house until I sat down to write this post. What am I complaining about? It's only Wednesday! But geez freaking louise this week feels long.

We watched the first Eurovision semi-final last night and I actually had to mute one of the songs, it was so screechy and awful. And what if Russia wins, as they are tipped to do this year (though they're tipped to win pretty much every year)...what will the gay Eurovision fanboys do?? They can't go to Russia! They're not welcome there! Actually, I think Sweden should just host it every year. We do a great job. Apparently the competition is being shown live in the US for the first time ever and I bet after the first three songs, someone was regretting that decision. Sheesh, what a trainwreck. However, we will of course, watch the second semi-final on Thursday and the final on Saturday because YOU CAN'T NOT WATCH IT.

Especially if you have popped your eyeballs from rubbing them too hard.
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I almost never wear any eye makeup (or makeup in general actually) because I am forever touching my eyes. I get gunk stuck to my contact lenses and have to get it off so I just don't bother to put any mascara on unless it's a special occasion. You should just skip it, it's very freeing! And saves time in the morning!

I am forever touching my eyes, too and rubbing them, but I can't manage without mascara. My eyes disappear!

So with you on the Eurovision front - it's been big in the UK for my entire life so there is no avoiding it. However, I had a parents' evening at school tonight (I'm the teacher) and I think I would rather be forced to watch the screechiness - I am exhausted!

My No 1 son sympathises on the allergy front, and he's only tinily, mildly bothered in comparison. He just told me he had itchy eyes then, in the next breath told me he could get from here to Sweden by plane more cheaply than by bus to Edinburgh - and next thing I clicked on your LJ. A bit random - or was I just destined to read this today?

It sounds like Martin is walking these exams. All th best for the rest and have a great celebration when they are over!

There was plenty of screechiness during the Eurovision semifinals and one of the worst was voted into the final. Urrrrggh.

LOL about your son getting to Sweden more cheaply than to Edinburgh. I'd love to go to Edinburgh again. I loved Scotland so when we were there in 2006. I can't believe that was 10 years ago!!

Martin is getting through...some better than others, he says. He only has 2 left on Monday and then he is done!

From Megsie

Stay vigilant Martin!! That is a full load of exams I tell you, I don't know if I could do it!

So sorry about the itchy eyes. Itching is so awful! Ugh! I hope you have some relief soon.

Franklin wants me so I better go pet him now. Poor me!

Re: From Megsie

2 exams left for Martin, on Monday! I can't believe my child is graduating high school. *boggle*


Try "Opcon-A" eye drops (by Bausch + Lomb), which has an antihistamine in it. Miracle cure, I tell ya. It's the only thing that works when you want to scratch your eyeballs out with a rusty spoon. That is, if it's allowed in your country. ;-)

I just checked, and the "Eurovision Song Contest 2016" actually is scheduled in my TV guide. But just for one showing, on Saturday at 2 pm on a channel I've never heard of, in between "RuPaul's Drag Race" and "Three's Company". I'll get the popcorn ready.

Way to go, Martin!



Oh, I see now that it's actually the "Grand Final" and it's being aired live.


LOL about the EUrovision appropriate! :D

Oh Liz! I'm so sorry about the eyes - I keep rabbiting on aboput the wonderful spring explosion, forgetting that some people suffer terribly. It must be a bad year for pollen allergies as I've heard of people who are really in a bad way - far more so than they usually are. I hope you find relief soon as all that rubbing is not doing those eyes any good at all.

Go Martin! In the home straight now - he'll be shattered afterwards I bet and probably sleep for a week. I hope he aces everything.

You'll never, ever convert me to Eurovision. I had too many years of seeing Terry Wogan hosting the English telecast and treating it as a huge joke to see it as anything more than a ridiculous, camp spectacle to be avoided at all costs.

But, but Australia is in it now! You can't ignore it now! It's a patriotic obligation!

Last time I looked, Australia was not part of Europe, so quite why they are competing remains a mystery to me and most other Australians.

At least their songs are better than some of the actual European ones.

From what I've heard of those songs over the years, that wouldn't be hard.

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