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It's been so beautiful here, sunny, warm and blue skies, a bit of a breeze (it is Skåne, after all), birdsong and bee buzz, and still chilly in the evenings so you know you will sleep well. It's spring in all the best senses of the word. I was going to go take photos of the dandelion hill earlier this week but I was too late and they've all blown to seed now. The rapeseed fields are glowing neon yellow and the lilacs...the lilacs are here!

Unfortunately, these are not OUR lilacs. These are the lilacs I WANTED. When we bought 6 lilac bushes from the plant nursery last year to plant behind the garage, we were assured by both the tags and the staff that they would bloom the lavender color version. But they are all the dark purple ones instead. Which I like, just not as much as the lighter purple variation. *sigh*

The columbine under the kitchen window is going gangbusters this year. It's a stray that seeded itself and I love it so I haven't bothered to pull it up even though it's getting too large to comfortably share the bed with the hostas. We'll have to move it after it's done blooming, though I'm not sure at the moment where to put it.

Martin and I went for a walk this afternoon and I admired all the flowers and blossoms that were everywhere. All the trees and bushes are decked out in flowery beauty; yellow forsythias, white spirea, purple lilacs, pink cherry trees, white hawthorn, and the big white balls of guelder roses (viburnum). Most of the tulips are still standing tall, though they are starting to be past their best-by date.

My potted pansies are still doing well, since the temperatures haven't gotten too warm yet...won't be too long though. I wonder if I'll have to repot everything before Martin's graduation party! I love their pretty little flowers faces and the rainbow of colors.

During our walk we passed a garden that had lily of the valley growing in a shady spot under a tree. I've always wanted to have lily of the valley in my garden/yard but we don't have any really good protected place for them. Maybe once the hedges get a bit higher. I love them, they're one of my favorite flowers.

Yesterday was Friday the 13th and it was the end of a very long and stressful week at work. I think it was extra tough since it followed a short week and a long weekend, but there was also a lot of stuff going on that was a bit hard to deal with: I wish people would get their shit together and check their stuff before they submit their requests. I felt like I was having to re-do things over and over and fix mistakes that were not caught before sending to me...things like being given incorrect links for newsletter articles and incorrect measurements for print ads. Basic stuff.

I woke Friday morning at 5 a.m. with another horrible headache (it's happening a bit too often these days) and after getting up and taking meds and trying to go back to sleep without success, I headed into the office where I was faced with yet another issue that should have been caught before coming to me, and I nearly lost it. I was so frustrated and angry that I nearly burst into tears and I think I horrified one of my office/teammates. I backed out of our team breakfast because I didn't want to be around anyone just then. Later, another colleague brought me a bouquet of flowers to cheer me up since she'd heard at the breakfast that I was having a bad day and I nearly burst into tears again. We went out and sat in the sunshine for lunch and I felt much better by the time the day, and the week, was over.

So, now I am full of flowers both inside and outside, and I've been super-productive all day today, in between breaks for reading and playing games. Anders is making pasta with crayfish tails and garlic sauce for dinner. We're all set to watch the Eurovision song contest final tonight; we're rooting for Belgium, which is a perfect replication of sweet-faced Seventies-style disco pop (though I like Bulgaria's song, too). None of the other Scandinavian countries made it to the final and we can't vote for Sweden, so...

And tomorrow, no plans again! Yay! I might get started on my FBARs and I need to hang the shower curtain liners I bought last week, but maybe I'll just go out again and enjoy the flowers since the weather is supposed to take a turn for the not-so-springy.
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Definitely go outside again if the weather allows, these days are so fleeting. I trimmed our lilac bush last year after the flowers bloomed, the advice I found online, in an effort to have this year's flowers be where I can reach and smell them. I achieved that but I guess I cut off most of the branches that used to produce the flowers because there are only about ten bunches. I could just stand there breathing them in for as long as they're blooming!

It's quite chilly and overcast today but I can see a hint of blue. Will definitely head out for another walk if the rain holds off!

From Megsie

Oh, those flowers are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing! What a great coworker to bring you flowers when you were having a hard day. Kindness is so important! You are lucky. It is cold here this weekend. We have a "frost watch" in place tonight. Jeff was going to go buy some flowers today, but decided not to because he couldn't plant them today anyway. I am done grading! My grades are posted and I AM DONE. I have to go to work on Monday for a duty day and I still have a list of things to take care of, but I have no students as of 3:20 today. (Although one is not happy about the grade he earned. I am not either, but if he would have DONE THE WORK he (and I!) would be a lot happier.) So. S.U.M.M.E.R. Here I come!

Re: From Megsie

It's still pretty chilly here, actually, especially once the sun goes down, though I don't think it's actually frosted again.

Hurray for being done and ready for summer!! Woot!


The flowers are all lovely. I have mostly looked through my windows to see flowers here -not much blooming yet - at least not in my yard -but maybe soon. Love, Lizardmom

Julie said it was snowing there again!

Oh Liz, what a spectacular array of spring flowers. It gladdens my heart to see them and the sunshine.

We are a couple of weeks behind you guys as far as blooms are concerned. I can see the start of the clusters forming on my lilac bushes, but we won't have flowers until it stops snowing for a couple of weeks at least. And our rapseed fields are nowhere near the blooming stage. Lily of the Valley leaves have just started appearing - no flowers yet, but I'll know they are around when I see carloads of old ladies out with scissors in the woods :-)

My lilacs are both white (they are around 3 m tall and were in the garden when I bought it). I've planted one that I hope is lilac if it ever gets around to flowering. I agree that it's a prettier colour than the deep purple - I'd be shaking a fist at the people in the plant shop if I was you.


I have lilacs up front... although I think they are technically on the neighbors property. But we do have three quite large patches of the Lily of the valley. :) I knew of one that was here when we bought the house last year but we cleared some vines out in the fall and found another this year and then found out a whole section of the forest by the creek is covered with them. :)

You however will miss them.....
Love Seester.

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