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I'm procrastinating right now. I need to be doing my FBARs but I hate doing my FBARs and so I'm doing just about anything else instead. I can't put it off forever, though.

Yesterday, I talked to our neighbor and found out that the vet diagnosed Morris with acute kidney failure...nothing to be done but end her suffering. Jessika and I were both crying during the entire conversation. The vet said the problem with such things is that the symptoms are so diffuse and gradual, in cats at least, that you often don't realize there is anything wrong until it's already too late. :(

It's been a mostly lovely weekend, with a little rain, a little wind, a little sun, a little clouds. We are dog-sitting: Coco. She's a big, lovely brown lab. Her only fault is that she chases things: cats, birds, fluttering leaves, other dogs. So she has to be leashed all the time, as she won't obey if she's gotten away running after something. The first couple of nights she woke us up all night long, pacing the house, with her toenails ticking across the hardwood floors, but she settled down by the third day, thankfully. We haven't done any dogsitting in a really long time, so it's been nice, actually.

I just looked at my hands and they seem so veiny and old-looking. My hands and my feet are where I see my age. I don't see it so much in my face or even my neck...yet. Maybe wrinkles will show up more pronounced if I can manage to drop some more weight. I seem to have hit a plateau (or am eating more than I should) lately. Trying to be motivated but failing often in the face of multiple parties, dinners, lunches, temptations. UGH. At least the dog keeps me walking.

We are in the midst of finalizing plans for our upcoming trip and I'm excited. We have a housesitter confirmed and the kids next door have been asked about mowing the lawn and watering the outdoor pots. I've been confirming dates for visits to friends and family and my mom is buried deep in party planning. I can't WAIT!!!

We saw the season 4 finale for Orphan Black on Friday and I'm really sad it's over until next year, especially since it left us hanging in the middle of several cliffhangers and storylines. GAH. Why is their season so short?? 10 episodes is NOT enough.
I had a busy week: bookworms on Thursday (for a book I started THAT day), lunch with my friend Geena on Friday and a goodbye party for another friend on Friday evening, and dinner out with Debbie & Camilla yesterday, which was much needed. Today has been pretty lazy although I've gotten several things done that needed doing.

It's a short work week coming up, thanks to midsummer, but we actually don't have any plans for next weekend. Karin wants to have her family birthday party then, though, and we definitely need to see Anders' mom as we leave the following Friday. Only 2 more weeks, woot!

Okay, I need to go nag Martin into working on his CV/resume and his thank you cards, and I need to get started on the stupid FBARs.

Stupid FBARs.
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And you tell me that anders is the family procratinator. Pot. Kettle. Black.

Oh ... poor kitty. They did make the kindest decision for Morris, even though it's killing you now. And let's face it - he went out in style at the party - we dont all get a chance to do that.

What a perfect name for a chocolate lab! I recognise that tick, tick, tick noise during the night. After Lambi died, I hated the silence in the house - it just felt so empty without that noise on our wooden floors.

I NEVER see wrinkles on my face and neck, because I'm so young and gorgeous I never look in the mirror. Good tip as you move along in life :)

You must be excited about the upcoming trip - I hope you all have a terrific time together. So much more fun to think about than FBARs.

Got the FBARs done. It was just the actual filing, took me 20 minutes. I had already done all thr time-consuming prep work last month.

Get rid of mirrors, check!


Party planning?? I'm working in the garden -where the weeds are 5 ft tall and wide! And all over the entire half acre! Party planning is getting bigger - more relatives than I thought are responding! We'll need name tags! Love, Lizardmom

No one is going to be standing in the weeds, Mom. :) And you have all of us there for two weeks beforehand to help. Well, okay 1.5 since we're going to Judy's and Julie's. :P

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