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Our tree is resting in the garage, in shock, I'm sure. We'll put it up tomorrow after work and start the job of decorating it, which usually takes a couple of days. We have to get as much as possible done tomorrow though because I have a work thing on Tuesday evening and concert and MOM on Wednesday! Tick, tock, goes the clock toward Christmas!

Martin woke us up around 7 a.m. this morning all excited because the tooth fairy had replaced his tooth with a shiny 10-kronor coin. :) Last night, Anders suggested that we save the tooth, but the very thought icked me out quite a bit. I never really understood that: keeping your baby teeth. What the heck would you do with them? Show them off to YOUR children? Make a necklace out of them? ick

I didn't sleep well, partly because I went to bed late, then Anders woke me up when he came in, then Karin woke me up when SHE came in, then I woke myself up with psychotic dreams, then the aforementioned tooth revelation. But the sun is shining, albeit intermittently, and we have a Christmas tree! The clouds are moving so fast, it makes me feel the earth is spinning.
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I couldn't resist....

The clouds are moving so fast, it makes me feel the earth is spinning.

Well,... actually, it is! :P

Re: I couldn't resist....

DOH! no way, dude. lol :) I knew SOMEONE was going to comment on that! :P

It's funny about parents saving stuff like teeth. My mother had a little plastic medicine bottle that had all 5 of us kids' teeth in it. When she died, I tossed it. Number one, baby teeth from 5 kids is a LOT of teeth and 2), nobody knew whose teeth they were anyway. I call that careless myself, not bothering even to make identifying marks!

teeth from 5 kids: ICK! Wait, that deserves bolding, ICK!

One of the funniest things I have is a letter I wrote to the tooth fairy. My mother had saved it and put it in our photoalbum. I wrote, "Dear Tooth Fairy, for two days I haven't gotten money from you and you still haven't taken my tooth". Apparently I had lost a tooth and just stuffed it under my pillow without telling anyone. I guess when you believe the tooth fairy is real, you figure they will just know and come visit. Ha ha!

that's hilarious! what a great letter! I'm glad your mom saved it for you (and not the tooth) :)

We saved as many of Pelle's puppy teeth as we could. They're so small and cute. There was one canine fang we managed to save and I want to make it into a necklace. I don't know what we'll do with Alex's, but I can't imagine why we wouldn't save them.

I can't imagine why you WOULD! lol

Hooray hooray! You got your tree! I'm glad it's home now, just waiting for you to put it up.

haha! :) thanks! I'm pretty excited too!! :)

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