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I just finished a really good book, The Kitchen Daughter by Jael McHenry. It was excellent and had a (sad) twist that I did not see coming, which I always appreciate in a book (even if it is sad). I've been reading a lot lately, after what felt like a very long streak of not reading much at all, or at least reading so slowly as to be the same thing. I read a new Bill Bryson book, which was both interesting and ho-hum at the same time. I've downloaded 2 more books to my Kindle so I'll have more to read while traveling...tomorrow!

We leave tomorrow and I am pretty calm about it actually. I can't wait to get there and see everyone and start our summer vacation adventure, but I'm not stressed out and everything is under control. I have a short list of things to do in the morning before we go. The suitcases are all packed and waiting for the last items. Our housesitter is on her way, our summer-yard staff (the next door neighbor kids) are booked, I left work with everything done that needed to be done and our excellent summer intern up to speed.

I am a little sad to be leaving my beautiful rose bushes, I have to say. They have been bringing so much quiet joy every day, just looking upon their gorgeousness. Apart from that, we're raring to go!

In short, our exit plan is in place. Should that be EKSit? haha!

I suspect that posting will be slim to none, due to my mom's terrible Internet connection unless my cousin comes through with the hotspot we might be able to borrow, but the break will not be too long, and absence makes the heart grown fonder, I hope.

A happy summer to you all!
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Enjoy your holiday!!


Oooops -forgot about the hot spot! Love. Lizardmom

Hope your flight was uneventful and that the rest of your travels go smoothly!

From Megsie

LIZ! I dropped off and missed a bunch of posts and now you are HERE! In the U S of A! Our weather has been awesome since Thursday, I hope it is just as good for you. I am sure you are having a wonderful time, but I am so sorry I missed you.

Have a great July 4th! Yippee!


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