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It turns out, when I am selecting photos from vacation, that I tend to take all the ones with people in them. Even though I appreciate photos of the places we've been and the things we've seen, the ones that get me, that contain the things I most want to remember, are the ones with the people we were with in them. You can find fantastic photos of the Statue of Liberty and New York and Boston anywhere online, but if you want to see what I love, then here you go. Three posts coming up full of smiling faces :)

Eks in America!

Liz and Kathey hanging out in Boston Common

Much mountainbiking was involved: Tom, Kathey & Anders

Walking on the High Line in NYC

The kids celebrating America's birthday!

Rest stop after the Liberty cruise

Martin with Danely & Bryce at the 4th of July picnic


Liberty groupie!

Kathey and Russell with sushi lunch from...Chinatown


Karin and Sarah at Mark Twain's House

At the (almost) top of Mt. Baldy on the shores of Lake Michigan with Julie & Benny

A fun group to spend time sightseeing with!

Bryce on the Liberty cruise boat

Anders and the kids in the Old North Church

Places visited: Boston, New York City, Hartford, Onekama

To see really great photos of the places we went, see Martin's Facebook Photo Album

Photo credits: Elizabeth Slaughter-Ek, Tom Fletcher, Bryce Fletcher, Russell Gilbert, Kathey Carreiro, Martin Ek, Julie Bensinger, Anders Ek (copyright 2016)
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From Megsie

What wonderful photos! You look very "at home" ha! I love the shots with the people as well. They are the important part, and everyone looks so happy--like they are having a great time. I am so glad you did (have a great time)!

Re: From Megsie

We did have a great time! But of course, I didn't take pictures of any of the not so great stuff, haha!

Looks like a great time was had by all!

love the liberty groupie! :)

haha! Bryce bought a selfie stick while we were waiting in line for the sure came in handy!

Hee, hee... I read the caption under that first picture as "Elks in America", and was puzzled by the lack of moose in your photos :) Blind? Me?

What a wonderful selection of happy holiday photos - you look as though you had a ball. I'vw not seen so many happy grins in a long while.


It was a great time- although sorry I missed the east coast part of the trip- although I had a wonderful reason for not showing up! LOve, Lizardmom

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