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Dammit, I ran out of photos and then I forgot to post and here it is a week later and I've got nothing. Getting back into the swing of things in my real life (as opposed to my vacation life) has taken all my energy...literally. I come home from work so tired that I can hardly see straight. Some days I take a nap and some days I manage not to. Napping is'd think it would help but it just makes things worse. Even when I set the alarm so I don't sleep more than an hour...oof: total zombie.

Work was super slow the last two weeks, so slow that I actually started bringing my Kindle to work to read in between things, but this week? Making up for that in a big way, holy moly. SO MUCH WORK. I have lots to do there and at home, but the tired keeps stealing my motivation. Ugh.

Projects I am in the Middle of and may never see the end of, oh my god
1. Replacing old photos in all the picture frames around the house. So many old photos of my kids and my sister's kids as toddlers and our wedding, etc. SO LONG AGO. Trying to get a little updated, but some of the pics I love to much to swap out. I ordered some photo print-outs from but am not really happy with the quality. I'll use them anyway, but just wanted to gripe.

2. Working on my super-secret Christmas gift recipe book. Shhh, don't tell anyone. It's taking me forever because I'm doing all the illustrations and I am slow at drawing in Illustrator.

3. Thinking about other Christmas presents and wondering if I can pull the "no money left" card on just about everyone...think it will work? It might be true soon, since we still have to pay for Martin's plane tickets to Peru and then buy a new bed.

My mom called to let us know that we left a whole bunch of stuff in the suitcase we abandoned at her house, after buying new ones. Turned out it's a good idea to LOOK IN THE SUITCASES YOU ARE LEAVING BEHIND before you fly halfway around the world. Two of Martin's jackets, his good pair of shoes, 2 books and a Christmas present. sigh

I just finished reading the first two books in a really good trilogy only to discover that the third one, which I thought was available, isn't coming out until November. AAAGH. In being totally obsessed with those two, I managed to completely space the fact that book group is tomorrow and I was going to re-read the book for it, but now I don't have time. It's All The Light We Cannot See which is a FANTASTIC book. I can't recommend it highly enough and I started re-reading it anyway last night and we'll see how far I get before 7 pm tomorrow. Re-reading it is certainly no hardship.

I am hosting dinner for a group of girls/colleagues. I don't know what to call this group. It's not like the Wonders, exactly. 3 of us are American, one of us is British and the last one is Swedish, but married to a Canadian. All of us work together, in the same department. We have had dinner at 3 of the other's homes so far, and they were all the most amazing meals. So I feel like I really need to step up my menu game. Before the summer, it took us forever to figure out a date that worked for all of us and it ended up being at the end of August, on Friday the 26th.

Two days ago, we received an invitation in the mail, to Martin's IB graduation diploma ceremony, and guess when it is? OF COURSE, it's the same night. But, the ceremony is from 5:30 until approximately 7:15 and so I'm hoping that if they are calling each kid up to get his diploma, Martin's will be early as he's early in the alphabet and I can bug out afterwards and race home to pop the dinner in the oven. I've managed to get everyone to agree to coming over at 7:30. We'll all be STARVING by then, but what else can I do? Trying to find another date was just not an option.

I'm trying to get my menu together but I'm struggling with what to serve for dessert. I have everything else pretty much decided. I'm taking the day off so I can get everything ready without stressing, then go to the ceremony and get home to greet my guests, so dessert needs to be something relatively easy or something I can make ahead of time. Hmmm...

Well, looks like I had something after all! That was a longer post than I expected to come pouring out of my fingertips!
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Oh Tired

I was just so encouraged by your description of how exhausted you are just coming back into your Work Self as opposed to your Vacation Self. With me, it's more my Overseas Self and my USA Self. But the process of getting back into my Regularly Scheduled Life is just flattening. I thought it was because I'm SO OLD, but then here you are, and I figure it's more the transition that is so difficult and so it doesn't matter what your age.

Re: Oh Tired

I don't know if it's because I'm old, but it definitely feels like it gets worse with jetlag as I age.

Goodness woman! My head is spinning just reading that, without having to live it. I'd need to be two people to handle your life :)

As you know The Swede is a photo nerd and very particular about photo prints. The only place he trusts is Crimson. Something to file away for future reference.

Can't lizardmom pop on the plane and bring that suitcase with her? (that was the plan, wasn't it?)

That's pretty poor to give so little notice for the IB graduation diploma ceremony. This is Sweden, the land where we need to co-ordinate diaries six months in advance :) I do hope everything works out for you.

The stupid ceremony was cancelled. We got another letter TWO days after the invitation informing us. Drrrr


Too bad, I don't like coffee!

From Megsie

I hate it when things like a graduation ceremony conflicts at the last moment. Irritating. I think that I missed that Martin is going to Peru! I remember that he was going to travel, but maybe I just forgot about the Peru part. What is he going to do there? What a BIG THING! I would be scared to death, but I am weird.

Lovely post, Liz! xoxo

Re: From Megsie

Well, to be fair, he changed his plans more than once. This is the latest, but tickets are still not purchased, so we shall wee...

Why is the diploma ceremony so much later than the end of school? That's rather annoying. Good luck gettong it all worked out!

We received another letter 2 days after we got the invitation informing us that it's cancelled. Drrrr

Oh! I missed reading this post. I read All The Light We Cannot See over the holidays and loved it too. It's partially set in St Malo (as you know) which we visited on our way home from holiday two years ago. I was amazed by the place. It made a great setting for the story too. I hope your dinner this Friday goes well. Did you decide on a dessert?

I looked up photos of Saint-Malo and now I really want to go there. So beautiful!

I haven't decided on a dessert many good things out there to eat!

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