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It's snowing! Blizzarding, even! SNOW!! Finally!! woo hoo! :)

I just called Anders and before I could say anything he said, "I know. Winter tires." LOL

Everything is already totally covered in white! I don't have boots with me. I love the first snow!

Snow drifts, snow angels, snowball fights, catching snowflakes on my tongue! Sledding, frosty coated mittens, picture postcard snow!

Edited to say 1 hour later the sun is shining. If you don't like the weather in Skåne, just wait 5 minutes!! heh
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We had a quick flurry, which lasted about 45 seconds. How different the weather can be, just a little further inland.

Yes, we're in the little weather vacuum that is Lund. :) It looks like it's stopping now, but the ground is totally covered. Anders, that party pooper, says it will be all gone by the time we leave work.

I take it back, it's still coming down! :) :)

Sunny and cold here. Of course, it's sunny today since I have school and work, poured cats and dogs on my day off....bitter.

Enjoy your snow!

Oooooh, snow! Send some up here for Christmas, will ya?

Sometime while I was watching NFL from the safe and warm comforts of O'Leary's sports bar last night, we got a half-inch or so of snow, just enough to make my late-night walk with Pelle a bit more tolerable.

It's sunny and clear (!) in Stockholm today.

More snow! More snow! More snow! The sun is out here, but it's very windy and hovering right at freezing. We got a warm blast yesterday that turned everything sloppy, although there's snow lingering on the grassy spots. The rest has become black ice.

black ice! yikes! hope you have your winter tires on!

Do they have winter tires for bikes? (Actually, they do, but I don't bike once the ice starts).

I loooove snow =) I want it to start snowing here.. but it's -4°C , too cold!

Nä! :-(
Fy f-n för snö, ju mindre det kommer om vintern desto bättre.

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