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My dinner went really well, though as usual, I had a hard time with patience...I didn't want to wait long enough between courses and there wasn't a decent interval between the first three. :) Impatience really is one of my besetting sins. Especially when it comes to planning a dinner apparently!

Anyway, I'm recording the menu here, for posterity, because I was really pleased with it!

Creamy Garlic & Broccoli Soup, served with sourdough bread and butter and pumpkin seed knäckebröd flats
Delicious Chicken with Gorgonzola Topping
Steamed & Lightly Sautéed Zucchini, Asparagus & Kohlrabi Strips
Small Wedge of Brie with Smashed Black Cherry Preserves and Fresh Figs

But the dessert was the crowning glory! I made it up or rather mashed it up, since it was a mash-up of 2 other favorites.

Chocolate Caramel Cookie with Crème Fraîche/White Chocolate/Raspberry Goop topped with Fresh Raspberries and an Anthon Berg Dark Chocolate Square. SO SO SO GOOD.

It was too much, though. Two of my friends couldn't even finish theirs: O! the humanity!

Despite the fact that I dropped boiling things THREE times during the making of the various courses, I managed not to do irreparable damage to myself or my surroundings. Note to self: it's perfectly acceptable to melt chocolate in the damn microwave. Or buy a double boiler, you idiot.

Fresh figs are something I only started eating in the last couple of years. I still don't like dried figs, but I do like fig jam and fresh figs, both with Brie. Yummy! Martin tried a fig tonight but made a face and said, nope, not by itself, anyway.

Today was the first choir practice of the new term. I am so happy! It's actually a jump start a bit early (the official start of the term is September 8) but we have a concert already scheduled for this coming Friday so our choir leaders called 2 extra practices, one today and one on Thursday with the band. There were only 8 of us at practice today but it went really well and it was so nice to be singing again.

Busy week ahead as we tumble into September. Tomorrow is a work kickoff event involving indoor and outdoor team activities (urgh) which means I'm missing both the first AWC meeting of the season and WW (which is probably just as well, after that dinner, ahem).

It's raining again. It was raining this morning though it had cleared up by the time I got to choir practice and the afternoon was lovely. About an hour ago, though, huge black clouds started rolling over the house and darkness descended. It started raining and for about 20 minutes it poured straight down. Now the worst has passed, I think, but it is still overcast and raining. I really hope it's nice tomorrow for the outdoor portion of the work event, though the forecast is dashing my hopes. Okay then, I at least hope it's not pouring. Pretty please, weather gods?
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The meal sounds all delicious -I would have made room somehow!
I'm not so fond of fresh figs, but don't mind the dried. I wish I had sent some fig jam home with you -there's 2 jars in my cupboard! Rain, rain -we've been getting it lately also- a very heavy downpour yesteday -that must have lasted for several hours -thunder in the distance. Glad to hear Karin is better - Love, Lizardmom

I just read an article about wasps laying their eggs in figs and I may never eat another one again. EEEEE!

That dinner sounds very decadent *wonders where my invitation is*! I can't see any of the recipes (no FB) but they sound lovely. I think I've made that chicken dish before and it's always popular. The dessert sounds (and looks) incredible. I can imagine that everyone was stuffed to the gills after all that.

I don't care for fresh figs, although I adore fig jam. Maybe it's the texture or something, but they creep me out. I have the same reaction to persimmons. I've never been a particular fan of squishy fruit.

I do hope that the rain held off on Monday. It was rather dire when we started driving home, but had cleared by the time we hit home and has been gorgeous ever since - back to summer temperatures again.

If you want any of the recipes, let me know and I'll send them to you. They will also be in the recipe book...if it's ever done :D

I'll wait to buy your recipe book!

By the way I meant to comment on the picture. Have youy been playing with Prisma?

Yep! It is so fun! I have to restrain myself from Prismaing everything!

From Megsie

Wow. That dinner sounds wonderful. So fancy and formal! I have never hosted a fancy dinner party. Only burgers and potato salad, or a taco bar! I feel like I have never grown up enough to do the fancy. I want that dessert. For Breakfast. Now. Yum.

Re: From Megsie

The dessert is SUPER easy, though you have to bake cookies, which is time-consuming. The rest of it is melting chocolate, mixing and assembling!

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