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Good day at work.
Lovely choir practice for our concert tomorrow.
Still: tired and grumpy and headachy now
Everyone driving in front of me is stupid and slow.
All our money is practically gone and it's the FIRST OF THE MONTH. WTH.
We have plans every day this downtime at all: URGH.

That is all, I remove my grumpiness forthwith. Carry on.

*Bitch moan complain
mood: tired
music: goddamned buzzy computer


I hope that was cathartic!

kinda sorta

From Megsie

I don't know if it is the same in Sweden, but the beginning of the school year always drains the bank account here. It is "Check writing season," people actually go around saying that. So expensive those little people are.

I hope your feeling better today. No headache, and hopefully some sun and good weather to enjoy.

Sending hugs...xoxoxo

Re: From Megsie

I only have one going back to school and schools here don't require school supplies. But we paid for Martin's plane ticket to Peru: EEK.

Re: From Megsie


Well. My argument holds: Those little people are EXPENSIVE.

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