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Trundling along. The weeks zip by and I zip with them. Zippidee doo dah, that's me. At least not zippidee dodo, eh? haha!

On Monday morning, when I was driving to work, I made the turn from our big roundabout onto the highway entrance ramp and immediately regretted it. Traffic was backed up onto the ramp, and the highway was dead stop, packed. GAH! No way to turn around. And once you are on the highway, you can't get off until you're all the way to the first exit in Lund. Some idiot several cars ahead of me was stopped halfway down the ramp, backing up traffic into the traffic circle and beyond, behind us, until someone in the car behind him got out and told him to stop being an ass move on down to the end of the ramp. Once we got to the merge lane, there was nowhere to go. I turned off the engine and pulled out my book, which THANKFULLY I had with me that day (never, never go anywhere without something to read!). I was extra glad because my phone was very low on battery, so I couldn't just sit and browse Instagram for any length of time.

An ambulance came down the ramp very slowly behind us, after honking several people out of his way, and proceeded up the shoulder (again, very slowly, because so many cars were blocking his access...GAH), so we knew it meant there was an accident up the hill somewhere. A little while later an unmarked car with blue flashers also came down and then another big towing truck. After about 40 minutes, we saw things starting to move up ahead and everyone turned their engines on and we inched towards Lund. By the time we got to where the accident had been, there was nothing left but 2 police cars totally blocking both lanes and 2 policemen sweeping glass off the road. Yikes. What a way to start your Monday morning, being in a bad enough accident to block 2 lanes of highway for over an hour. :(

Yesterday, as I was getting ready to leave, Anders called and warned me not to take the highway. There was deep fog all morning and he had heard on the radio, right before he would have turned onto the entrance ramp. that the highway was closed again, this time due to a burning car. And right after that, a collision in the fog, and THEN a series of collisions by people driving too fast in the fog who crashed into the first accident! YEESH. They had the highway between our exit and Lund closed for several hours. And the trains between Malmö and Lund were out of commission almost all day. We heard of people who made it to work only after THREE hours stuck on trains, and shuffled onto buses.

Seems like Skånetrafiken and Vägverket have their work cut out for them lately. It's a definite that E22 can't handle the amount of traffic it carries nowadays.

Two days ago I put the ironing board in the hallway and draped my two blouses and the big red tablecloth on it. Today I managed to get the iron out and put water into it. Progress! Then I promptly went and laid down for a 1-hour nap. Maybe by the end of the weekend, I'll have actually managed to turn the iron on and get the job done. I hate ironing. I was sort of hoping that having it sit there for days on end a while would motivate someone else in the house to step up and do it, but I fear I am laughably naive overly optimistic.

I am extra tired right now. And it's not because I'm not sleeping enough. I wake up every night around 4 or 5 and have to go to the bathroom and but now, at least, I'm usually able to fall back asleep. It's just after an intense day of work, I am completely wiped out. I suspect it's the urge to hibernate, due to the change of seasons, that is at fault. It's cooler, it's darker, it's time to curl up and sleep through the winter. Too bad I'm not a bear.

Interesting! I never thought about this.
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