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I grind my teeth.

My parents called me Lisa until I was 5 years old.

My fingernails are really strong.

I'm an alto.

I can type 90 words a minute, approximately.

I'm left-handed.

Bug legs give me the heebie-jeebies.

I'm a Monday's child.

I've moved 29 times in my far.

I didn't get my first driver's license until after I had graduated from college.

During an average 7-day week, I eat salmon at least 4 times.

I've never been drunk.

Your turn!
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Nope, I didn't know those things about you. But what a terrific list. I think that the things you don't know about me might be better left unwritten :)

Some things we share are that I was also called by a different name - still am - by my family. It was the nuns at school who insisted that they use my proper "first" name (the Dutch use the second name generally), so my family use a diminutive version of my second name and call me Téa, while the rest of the world calls me Marie.

Snap on being left-handed as well.

Sadly I can only type 90 words an hour. On a good day :) And I am a Tuesday child, which you probably are laughing at guessed. Me being full of grace ... yeah, right!

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really? you didn't know any of them? That's good, I figured I had to be repeating myself after this many years of blogging. :P

How funny about your name! It was my own initiative on my part...I came home from the first day of Kindergarten and announced I didn't want to be Lisa because there were 5 Lisa's in my class. I have a cousin, also named Elizabeth, who is a 1.5 years older than I am, but she has always gone by Beth.

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