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It's the middle of Sunday, nearly, and it's been a productive weekend. I vacuumed, windexed, drove Martin to work, and grocery shopped. I finished the AWC presentation for the annual meeting that is coming up and sent it for review, prepared the ballots for the board elections and worked on real work (another PPT) for 2 hours. And in between I did laundry and read all of Neil Gaiman's The Ocean at the End of the Lane, which I was VERY late in finally getting around to, and which I promptly regretted because it was wonderful and I gulped it down all day until I was done.

After dinner (artichokes, macaroni & meatballs, thrown together by me), Martin and I watched Ex Machina. It was really good, but claustrophobic and unpredictable and provocative. Now I'm reading The Invisible Library and after one chapter I'm hooked so I hope it continues at the pace it started out with.

It's sunny at the moment, and I need to go for a walk and I need to work on my recipe book since I didn't have time for it yesterday. My personal deadline is end of September, as I need to send it to print in time for it to come back and be ready for Christmas gifting. I updated my to-do list today and you'll never guess what's on it: yep, Christmas stuff. AUGH.

And after that, I have a couple more hours of real work (never-ending PPTs) and then, I think, we are going to visit Anders' mom this evening. The reason why I have real work during the weekend is my own sense of obligation. This coming week I have FOUR half-day workshops about our new helpdesk platform which means 2 days worth of time I can't do my regular job. URGH. And since it's busy time, especially for PPTs, I thought I'd better get some of them dealt with over the weekend to minimize the amount of stress in the next few days. Smart, eh? Except, when I think about it...it's sunny out, and even if it's chilly, sitting at my desk and working on work PPTs is not really the way I want to spend my free time. *sigh*

I went to see Kinky Boots (the musical by Cyndi Lauper & Harvey Fierstein) on Friday night with my friend Debbie. Camilla was supposed to be with us, but ended up having to cancel last minute as her mom had fallen and they were at the ER getting her checked out (broken arm in 2 places, sprained ankle). Debbie and I had a lovely dinner at a fantastic tapas place near the opera hall, and then enjoyed the show. It was very well done, and the message is one we all need reminding of, but I found the story predictable and rather rote. The 2 leads were fantastic, though, with amazing voices.

Not the most exciting post, but there you have it: my life in 1 weekend. :) Now I'm going to draw a cake before my walk.


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