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Twice recently I drove home in the evening and marveled at the full moon. It was huge and silver and beautiful. When I got out and parked the car, I went into the back yard, where the streetlights aren't so bright and stared up at the sky. Black and clear and spangled with stars and that huge glowing moon hanging over the side of the sky.

We're supposed to be getting our election ballots by the end of this week. If you are American and reading this, you had better be voting. If you are American and living overseas, it's not too late, if you act NOW. Go to and get your ballot, STAT. Why wouldn't you vote when you have the chance? YOUR VOTE IS COUNTED.

Yesterday, I drew cookies and stars and a tomato and a strawberry and a cow and a piece of cake. And now my recipe book needs a cover, and then I can send it to print, wahoo!

I went to WW tonight and I'd lost the half a kilo that I went up last week, that I went down the week before, that I went up the week before that. *sigh*

The leaves are starting to turn. I've had to wipe water off the car windows in the morning for a couple of weeks. I'm dreading the day it's ice, not water, and I have to scrape instead of squeegeeing.

When we picked up Martin from work on Sunday, we were told to go pick a kilo of apples for free. I couldn't reach any of the ripe ones, so I just wandered the rows reveling in the smell of apple and grass and autumn while Karin climbed up on Anders' shoulders and picked the biggest apples she could find.

Things I have planned for the next couple of months: shopping and dinner with D&C, TWO get-togethers with the Wonders (though one person will be missing from each), a bachelorette party for a friend, singing with Star For Life, going to see Elton John in concert with my daughter, a short trip to Berlin with Anders and Karin (the week after Martin leaves for Peru).

I need to go write an email to my mom, sister and brother, who have all been seriously and mysteriously incommunicado ever since we all scattered at the end of the summer. What the hell, first family, was 3 weeks of togetherness too much for us?
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How long will Martin be in Peru for? So exciting/nerve-wracking!

Almost 6 weeks! Nerve-wracking, indeed!

♫But there's a full moon risin'
Let's go dancin' in the light♫

I started humming Neil Young's Harvest Moon when I saw that beautiful September moon in the sky. Beautiful!

Well done getting your book almost to the stage of going off to the printers. What a lovely idea for your family. And I think it's great that you are perserving with WW despite the hiccups here and there - it's so much easier to throw in the towel, but you are sticking it out. Respect!

Very much autumn now, rollercoating to winter and the dreaded "C" season. *puts on blinkers*

I like the colors and cool temps, though, and it's never that long until the sun starts returning (even though February lasts for a YEAR around here)


I'm around - lurking on your blog, reading fb with nearly nothing from my kids- except photos of skis (you know who you are!) But, sadly without much to say as nothing I'm doing seems worthy of writing about -who wants to hear their Mom is computer solitaire! or the latest saga of the flying squirrels (they left the premises when a cage was over their exit and filled with just hoping they do not return). There definitely WAS NOT too much togetherness, as I miss all of you! Love, Lizardmom

haha! I haven't been posting much on Facebook because I feel like I am living a fairly boring life right now: work, etc. I've posted a few things, but just am not in the mood for trivia and some stuff that is going on I can't really share there (or here, for that matter). You'll just have to call me more often, haha! :)


Okay -I'll find my phone and call on the week-end. Love, LIzardmom


OH MY GOSH...the week-ends over and I didn't phone. I'll have to put it on my "to-do" list and ***it! Feeling sorry....for me too as I miss talking with you, and your siblings! Love, Lizardmom

From Megsie

I hope everything is okay...

I also have had a wet windshield in the mornings...ugh.

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