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It's a kid-free evening! I dropped Martin off at work at noon (late start today), where the apple orchard and cafe were already hopping, and he had plans to go to a party this evening and then spend the night at a friend's house. Karin is also at a party, and won't be home until around 1 a.m. though I am hoping she'll be responsible and come home earlier, since she has to get up early to leave for a soccer game tomorrow...though she will be able to sleep in the car for 1.5 hours as it's an away game. Anders is driving her, so that means tomorrow, I can sleep in.


And I can do whatever I want, ALL DAY LONG, since no one will be home until mid-afternoon at the earliest, and Martin isn't done with work until 6. Woo hoo!

I am very pleased with the absentee voting procedure this election. I am receiving THREE ballots! To be absolutely sure that my vote will be counted (hopefully three times, haha!), the Chicago Board of Elections sent me a paper ballot via email to be printed, filled in, and mailed; a link to a secure website where I could fill in my ballot, then print it out, sign the certification, and mail it, AND an actual paper ballot via post, which should be here by next week. Martin, too, and I have to say, it made me very happy to tick a box that did NOT have Trump's name next to it, that wanker.

Guess what I saw today! You might have thought that because the autumnal equinox was this past week, on Thursday, September 23, that it was then that fall officially began. That might be true for the rest of you residing in the northern hemisphere, but for those of us in Skåne (or at least for me), it's the first sighting of a sugar beet on the side of the road that really marks the changing of the seasons and the official start of autumn.

The sugar beet factory actually lit up and went into production a few weeks ago, and Anders said he'd already seen harvested heaps of sugar beets in the fields, but I hadn't seen any, and it's not until they start falling off the beet trucks that I consider fall has officially begun. They're big, beige (not red), ugly harbingers of seasonal change.

Today, I vacuumed, wrote a long email to my first family, stripped all the beds and remade ours, finalized the cover for my recipe book and sent it to print, prepared several webpages for the AWC meeting & newsletter, took Martin to work, grocery shopped, played iPad games for far too long, surfed Instagram, did 5 loads of laundry, emptied the dishwasher, cleaned out the food garbage container and washed the bins, got Karin to clean the bathtub, drove with Karin to Sandby, finished one book, and am halfway through another. Oh yes, and I voted! Very productive, eh? But tomorrow?

I don't have to do a damn thing, if I don't want to. Double-woo!
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Triple woo even! When are we having another chick week-end anyway? You have surely had time to recover from the last one by now.

Haa, don't know. There are so few people on LJ nowadays, don't know if it would be worth it to try.

Way to go! I love a lazy start to the day occasionally, just that chance to be truly slothful just because.

I still laugh a bit at the idea of sugar from beets. I was brought up with sugar coming from sugar cane grown in Queensland. Until I came to Sweden, I had no idea that you could source sugar any other way.

We don't get beets on the side of the road, but the local farmers bring their grain directly to the big silo at the harbour here. We see the tractors hauling their trailers of grain and holding up the traffic. But later, we see hoardes of birds, from jackdaws down to the tiny sparrows on all of the roads in town eating the spillage. That's autumn to me - dodging those birds :)

It's been a lovely lovely relaxing day!

So productive! I hope you enjoy your day by yourself, that's my favorite kind of day off.


Boy! Your long to-do/done list makes me look like a laggard. Oh well, I like taking lots of days off now! Love, Lizardmom

From Megsie

I am so jealous, I can't even...

I hope you enjoyed YOUR day!

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