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What should I do with all my collections of beautiful images? I have folders stuffed with pages ripped out of magazines, virtual desktop folders stuffed with images that I've saved to savor, greeting cards that I have bought simply because they are beautiful, which means I will probably never send them to anyone because I am, funnily enough, selfish of beauty. Prints of photos by family members, old calendars that I have saved because I love the images in them, etc., etc., ...!

What do you do with this kind of stuff? Should I curate/collect them into some sort of book (only for me, since they are other people's images mostly? I can't frame and hang all the stuff I have...I could fill several houses or more with the amount of beautiful images and the framing costs would ruin me, haha!

Does anyone else save stuff like this? I run the images I save from the web on my desktop and screensaver and they make me inordinately happy when I see them. But I don't see them that often, and all the ones that are printed sit in folders and boxes...

Any ideas? Help me, Internet Kenobi, you're my only hope!
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I hate to say it, but the reality is that when you are gone, your kids or Anders or someone else will look at all your beautiful things and, unless they are of a similar bent, ALL of it will find itself in a pile of recycling. My mother, bless her, left behind hundreds and hundreds (if not thousands) of photographs - unmarked as to date, place or people - along with cards and other bits and unless we could identify any people in the photos, they were all tossed.

I know. I don't really care what happens to it after I'm gone, but I would like to organize it so I can enjoy it more NOW.

I have dibs on the moose collection! *blatant uncompassionate mercenary streak showing*

haha! You'll have to come and pry it out of my cold, dead hands!


Cant help -I have such stuff here also -waiting for my kids to clear it out. You did such a fast job in your Dad's office! Maybe you can channel that experience! :0 Love, Lizardmom

I'm not even talking about photos, mom! Photos are easier! Keep the ones of people you love, pitch the rest!

I save sewing magazines and have a collection of one publication that goes back to the early 1980s. I bought plastic holders at Staples and then labeled them. Each one holds 3 years of subscription. At least now, I have a rough idea of where each one is.

Do you go back through them and use them in some way? I kept copies of Martha Stewart Living magazines for years until I realized that they were just collecting dust. I finally went through them, tore out pages of things I really wanted to keep and gave them all away. It was very ...lightening :)

Using magazines

I do use the sewing magazines and most are now out of print or out of existence. The stuff in them doesn't exist on the web. I get MSL as well, but don't save them. I can access most of these online.

I have made a number of things from the old magazines for my granddaughter - made them first for my daughter 20 years ago.

From Megsie

First of all, "Help me, Internet Kenobi, you're my only hope!"


Second of all, you are asking the wrong Kenobi. I am terrible. I do make my writer's notebook covers with favorite images that I decoupage. But otherwise there is stuff like that in every room-quotes, images, notes...ugh. Please share what you figure out.

Re: From Megsie

haha! I am already over 50 and still haven't figured this out. I have collections and piles and boxes and notebooks FULL of this stuff all over the place too. :) Do you suppose there is any museum anywhere that would want it after I'm gone? :D

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